Travel to Cheraw State Park - Thursday - September 8, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 1 - Part 1

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Nancy and I walked early this morning before leaving home with the Pleasure-way and Tahoe for Cheraw State Park in upstate South Carolina.  We have been looking forward to meeting up with some of the Carolina RV-Dreamers ever since the RV-Dreams Rally in Tennessee last April!!

I’m going to apologize right now for the number and the length of the blogs to come.  There is just so much to share and it just NEEDS to be told ;o))

Our route to Cheraw was planned by Nancy.  Of course that meant it was on scenic back roads as much as possible. 01c - Travel to Cheraw - Leaving the storeBoth of us really like traveling the ‘Red Roads’ versus the Interstates.  We planned to find a pretty spot along the way to stop for breakfast. 

Our first stop was a small country farm store that we have passed many times before and never stopped.
01a - Travel to Cheraw - Country Store01b - Travel to Cheraw - Country StoreThe dog never budged an inch!!

Thought we might get some fresh fruit and veggies!!  It was a good thing we stop today as it turned out it was their last day to be opened.  The economy has hit them hard and they are closing the doors for good :o((  They still had jars of home-made jellies, jams, butters and relishes for sale.  We bought a couple jars of jelly and wished them well.  Sad to see a nice business closing...

Nancy here:  We should have had our breakfast at the country store, but no… Bill had another idea ;o((

A mile later, I suggested we pull into a Pilot gas station and have our breakfast. 01d - Travel to Cheraw - Breakfast stop 01e - Travel to Cheraw - Breakfast stopAs you can see, I picked a lousy place this time—a gas station with a trash can.  Oh well… clouds are pretty;o))

The rest of the trip was beautiful.  Could not have asked for a prettier day or a prettier ride through the country!!
01f - Travel to Cheraw - cowsCattle and…01g1 - Travel to Cheraw - cattle egretsCattle Egrets!!!

01g - Travel to Cheraw - crepe myrtlePretty Crepe Myrtles

01h - Travel to Cheraw - potato fieldsPotato Fields  and Carolina Blue Skies Everywhere!!!

We arrived at Cheraw State Park just after noon time.02 - Cheraw SP MapThe campground is those red dots next to Lake Juniper.  

Part 2 will tell you about our SPECIAL welcome!! 


  1. Ooooh, don'tcha know, I can hardly wait to hear what comes next! Special welcome? Hmmm. :)

  2. OK - NOT fair to have posted all FOUR of these at one time and make me go back to the VERY BEGINNING and move forward - even if they are great pictures!