The Evening Campfire - Thursday, September 8, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 1 - Part 4

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When we returned from our walk around the lake to see Ranger Mark, we all headed to our own rigs to get a little dinner.  However, we would gather again for the evening campfire!!

04 - The Campfire - Dinner FirstDinner by the lake…doesn’t get any better!!

04 - The Campfire - Setting SunAs the sun began to set, Bill started the campfire!!04 - The Campfire - Starting Fire

04a - The Campfire - Gin first to arriveGin was the first to arrive and set the tone for the fun to follow.  We love that HAT!!

04b - The Campfire - the circle04c - The Campfire - the circle

We enjoyed the campfire… swapping stories, tales and laughs for several hours!! During the evening, Nancy and I were presented with a “USED” George Foreman Grill as a thank you gift for organizing the Cheraw Trip???  Nancy and I were not sure WHY we were given the “GIFT”…but we figured out real quickly that nobody wanted George!!  That included us!!  So let the games begin… First thing in the morning, we hid the grill at Laura and Bruce’s rig ;o)) Over the next few days we had George several times, but managed to “Pass the George!!”

Nancy here:  I know it will take some time to get all my photos and Bill’s Blogs posted since I head back to work tomorrow;o((  But I will get them up ASAP!!    Just might have to….  Hmmm, does anyone smell smoke ;o)))


  1. Wonder what George is doing tonight? And where he is doing it :)

  2. Pass the George? That's better than passing a fruitcake and I've got TWO Georges...

  3. Sorry can't wait! You'll just have to tell the folks at Home Debto that posting your blog is much more important!

    What a beautiful site you have. Ahhhhh I'm dreaming of lake front/ocean front/river front property for my wheels.

  4. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Really wish we were there. Our annual motorhome service appointment in Indy was yesterday. The MH is healthy. We are starting the long, slow, drive to TX this morning. Have fun! Roger and Dianne

  5. Hey, I'll take George! We lost our George (Foreman, that is) in the flood. LOL