Afternoon Kayaking - Friday - September 9, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 2 - Part 3

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We got back to the campground around lunchtime after our hike.  Nancy went into the Van to fix sandwiches and took these photos from inside the Van.
03a - Kayaking Friday - View out back windowThe view out our back window of Lake Juniper!!

We had a bag of peanuts on the passengers seat in the Van.  This squirrel could see them while sitting on the mirror and needed to figure out how to get them.03a2 - Kayaking Friday - Squirrel03a3 - Kayaking Friday - SquirrelSorry the photos are fuzzy, but Nancy’s camera was right next to the peanuts.  She didn’t want to scare the squirrel away, so she took these with my camera ;o((

After lunch, a group of us met down at the Kayak Marina. 03b - Kayaking Friday - Kayak Put In AreaYes, that’s right, we had our own little marina where we could store and launch our kayaks right behind Gin and Syl’s site!!
We decided to do a little kayaking on Lake Juniper to get ready for our Saturday night Moonlight Kayak Adventure.

03c - Kayaking Friday - Rick and Gail joining the groupRick and Gail had their own marina at their site, so they are headed down to meet the rest of us.  Just look at the kayaking unison!!!

03d - Kayaking Friday - EvinEvin looking great in her new kayak!

03d2 - Kayaking Friday - SteveSteve has his new kayak too!!

03e2 - Kayaking Friday - Bruce and Laura concernedLaura and Bruce in their Sea Eagle!

03g - Kayaking Friday - Ray and KrisRay and Kris took their Sea Eagle out for the first time yesterday. You think they are having fun today?!?!?

03f - Kayaking Friday - Dan and TriciaDan and Tricia take Kayaking to a whole new level!!
Do you see anyone with a paddle in the water???

Once everyone had launched their kayak, we headed down the lake.03i - Kayaking Friday - And we are off 

Nancy and I tried to draft off of Dan and Tricia.  But what we really needed was a tow rope to do a little skiing;o))03h - Kayaking Friday - Drafting

It was a beautiful day with lovely views.03j - Kayaking Friday - Golf CourseCheraw State Park Golf Course
One of the best kept secrets around!!

03k - Kayaking Friday - Young CypressLittle Cypress Tree standing all alone.

We hadn’t paddled halfway down the lake when it was time to take a break.  Remember, some of us have already walked a LONG way today;o))03l - Kayaking Friday - Break time
Most of us decided to head back, but Dan and Tricia along with Bruce and Laura wanted to go down to the Cypress Trees.  Does Laura look a little frustrated to you??03e - Kayaking Friday - Bruce and Laura concernedWell, there is a reason which I’ll explain shortly ;o))

On our paddle back we watch this egret hunt for dinner.03m - Kayaking Friday - Egret

This is the view of the campground from the water.03n - Kayaking Friday - Approaching the campground

We watched Rick, Gail, Ray and Kris paddle up to their end of the campground to the takeout.03o - Kayaking Friday - Approaching the boat ramp

The rest of us returned to our marina to take out. It was a beautiful afternoon and a nice easy paddle.  That is for all of us but one couple. 

Remember that photo of Laura, looking a bit frustrated.  It seems that they continued to have difficulty paddling their kayak as they continued on with Dan and Tricia.  Dan attempted to pull them along with his motor, but even that wasn’t working.  So they pulled over to a dock to see what was the problem.  Well, when they looked under the kayak to see if they could see a problem, they realized they had been paddling the kayak backwards!!  Yes, the rudders were in the front;o))  Poor Bruce and Laura (AKA – The Captain and Tennille) are going to live with this one for a while ;o))

However, we couldn’t pick on them too long since they brought us all a wonderful treat for later this evening!!!


  1. Looked like a lot of fun ~ my honey & I want to get a Kyacks this year... any suggestions?
    Have fun

  2. Donna... We love our Sea Eagle and they stand behind their products! However, we are new at kayaking and not the ones to ask;o)) It depends on your budget, how often you will use it, how you will store and carry it, where you want to kayak, etc. The one thing we do know... IT IS FUN!!!

  3. Love your kayaking adventures.....even though I already knew the ending (Gail spilled the beans), it was still funny to hear about Bruce and Laura.

    You really are pushing my name memory circuits which have a lot of shorts in them to ask me to remember not only folks actual names but their AKA. Little sister your brain is holding up a lot better than mine!!

  4. Brokenankle (AKA Sherry) look who's calling me little sister. I may be younger sister, but you take the 'little' prize ;o))

    Hmmm...I think your AKA just became
    'Little Brokenankle' :o)) LOL