Dinner and A Wonderful Treat!! - Friday - September 9, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 2 - Part 4

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We decided to have a group dinner tonight.  Everyone brought something.  We got the fire going and had several volunteers
to cook up the hot dogs!!
04a - Group Dinner - Paul cooking hotdogs04b - Group Dinner - Gin and Bruce cooking hotdogs
Bruce and Gin used the 3-dog technique!!

However, one of the dogs bit the dust ;o((04c - Group Dinner - Rescued Hotdog
I managed to recover the poor thing…just a little wash and
it was good as new ;o))

Wonder who got the “Washed” dog!!04d - Group Dinner - Dinner on Table

Doesn’t really matter, there was enough food for an army!

Oh, here’s the army NOW!!

04e - Group Dinner - Dinner on Table

We sat around eating, talking and laughing
until the sun started to set…

What a beautiful sunset it was!!
04e2 - Group Dinner - Sunset

However, the day was not quite over yet?!?!

Bruce and Laura had brought with them all the ingredients to make ice cream and a 60 year old hand crank ice cream maker :o))  The rest of us brought stuff to put on the finished product!!

Everyone had a job to do to put this special treat together. 

Laura had prepared the ice cream mixture.

04f - Group Dinner - Bruce and Bill starting Ice Cream
Bruce and Bill got the ice and salt into the ice cream maker. 

Then we took turns cranking!!

04g - Group Dinner - Everybody helping almost

Paul was the official “Peach Peeler” !!04h - Group Dinner - Paul the Peach Peeler

The ladies set out all the toppings for the ice cream. 04h2 - Group Dinner - Toppings Table
We had peaches, walnuts, chocolate syrup, malt power,
whipped cream and cherries!!! 

Not sure why we had catsup on the table?? 
It must be a WisCON’sin thing ;o))

Once we realized the rest of the campground might try and crash our wonderful ice cream party… We recruited two of our group to be security guards!!

Rick and Kris did a great job!!!

No one got past these two ;o))))

04i - Group Dinner - Camp Guards

While the ice creams preparations were underway, part of our group headed over to Gin and Syl’s for the “Wii” Bowling Tournament.

04j - Group Dinner - Bowling Screen
The Bowling Alley

04k - Group Dinner - Bowling  Outfits and Alley
This looks like Ti Chi  bowling ?!?! 
Nice bowling shoes ;o))

04l - Group Dinner - Bowling  Jill
Ok, Jill that’s the way to roll the ball !!

04m - Group Dinner - Bowling  Good Form Gin
I think we have a ringer… great form Gin !!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Ray was the big winner of the tournament.04n - Group Dinner - Bowling  Ray the Winner
Congratulations Ray!!

Well, while the bowlers were off playing,
the crankers were busy doing their job.
  04o - Group Dinner - Crankers still Cranking

Time to check…    Is it Ice Cream yet??

04p - Group Dinner - Is it Soup Yet

The moment we have all been waiting for!!

Drum Roll Please.......................

04q - Group Dinner - We have Ice Cream

I couldn’t help thinking of Sherry Boyd (my ice cream buddy)
as I had my first taste!!

04r - Group Dinner - It doesn't get any better

It just doesn’t get any better than this…

OH, but maybe it does :o)))

04r2 - Group Dinner - or maybe it does


  1. Boy does that ice cream ever look GOOD! I can't even remember the last time I had homemade ice cream.

  2. OH NO! As if missing all the paddling and all the laughter wasn't enough, now you have to go and make home made ice cream. You sure know how to hit me when I'm down!! :-)))

    You'd better come up with one of those ice cream makers and all the fixins' for January is all I have to say! ";-)

  3. What a great night you all had. Nothing like homemade ice cream to top off a big meal. RV-Dreamers do have a lot of fun!

  4. You folks know how to have a good time! Can former New Yorkers becoming Floridians ever crash your Carolina group :-)?

  5. Al and Karen... You have to go through the Carolinas to get to Florida so we believe that gets you in the group!!

    Sherry... Maybe we can rent the ice cream maker from Bruce and Laura for January ;o))) Better yet, let's invite Bruce and Laura!!!

  6. What fun! Nothing like home-made ice cream. What's this about January? ;-)

  7. Catsup??? No, I don't think it was a WisCONsin thing.LOL. I think it was a senior moment on the part of the catsup lady!! Guess 'she' forgot to take it home :)

  8. Laurie... We are heading to Florida in January for vacation and the RV Supershow in Tampa. Sherry and David are meeting us for a few days to do a little kayaking, hiking, biking and now ice cream making ;-)

  9. The ice cream was as good as it looked!!!! What a great time was had by all. The PUPS really enjoyed licking everyone's ice cream bowls. Homemade ice cream took us back to our childhoods!!

  10. Nancy..I was thinking about going to the Tampa show...maybe we can meet up down there. I'd love to learn how to make that home made ice cream! Drop me an email, and lets see if we can work something out :-). karen41262@gmail.com