A Special Welcome !! - Thursday - September 8, 2011

RV-Dreams - Carolina Clan,    Day 1 - Part 2

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We pulled into Cheraw State Park Campground and drove to Site 11.  It was the perfect site for a small van and had a great view of the lake.  The site had been built up nice and flat with Landscape Timbers… what a great place to have the campfires!!02a - Our Site and Welcome
Gin and Syl came over to say welcome.  Syl, in a calm and quiet voice, pointed out that we had a Mr. No Shoulders, a snake, at the corner of the landscape ties on our site!!  If you click on the above photo, you can see (lower left corner) that he was there when Nancy snapped the site picture.  Neither one of us had seen him:o((

02b - Our Site and Welcome - snake under and rockWhen we walked over to the corner and looked down, his head was under the wood.  I dropped a large stone on him, hoping he would leave the area:o)))  No such luck, he hardly even moved:o(((  Now What?!?! 

He didn’t even pull his head out.  However, out jumped this poor little frog with a bloody head.  Think I know where he was until I dropped that stone!
02c - Our Site and Welcome - bloody rock

This squirrel in the tree was frozen in place as he saw Mr. No Shoulders below him as well ;o(((02d - Our Site and Welcome - squirrel

Gin headed off to get something to convince Mr. No Shoulders to leave the area. 

She returned with the Calvary!!02g - Our Site and Welcome - Tricia and Dan herosDan brought his loppers and Tricia was armed with a machete!!!! 

If that didn’t convince Mr. No Shoulders to leave..... Gin brought the BIG GUN!!!
02h - Our Site and Welcome - Gin Snake Away SquiggeeThe Snake Away Squeegee !!!

One look at that Squeegee convinced the 4 foot Copperhead to back off…02e - Our Site and Welcome - snake out
and hightail it out of here :o)))02f - Our Site and Welcome - snake bye bye

BYE, BYE !!!!

(Note to self – Don’t mess with Dan and Tricia. They have things that can hurt you!!)


  1. OK. I had forgotten about that surprise! I hope there wasn't anything else important in this post cuz I had to fast-forward right to the end! (with my eyes closed)

  2. The Gin squeegee, great tool. Which one scared him so badly he left town?? LOL!!!!

    You guys are definitely generous. Not sure I would have let a copperhead slither away. I'm tolerant but do have my limits.