Windy, But SUNNY!! - Monday, October 29, 2012

We got up and walked this morning
before leaving Buck Hall.
While the wind was blowing, it was so beautiful!!
Looking north on the intercoastal waterway.
Looking south on the intercoastal waterway!!

About 10am, we pulled out and headed north on Hwy 17.
We saw what looked like a mountain range?!?!
It was actually the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy;o((

When we reached Pawleys Island
it looked like snow covered mountains;o((
This is a huge storm.
We feel bad for the people in its path!!!

Not quite an hour after we started,
we pulled into Huntington Beach State Park.
Crossing the causeway is so pretty!!
Looking left, over the salt marsh,
you can see those outer bands again :o((
Fortunately, we are far enough south to avoid the storm.
It is windy and will be windy again
 on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Here's Baby all tucked in Site 21 :o))

Our back yard is empty and waiting for everyone!!!
Several couples have arrived already. 
Each reported strong winds.
So take your time and get here safe and sound.
The Sun is Shining Brightly!!!


  1. We are halfway there! Staying at a Flying J near Columbia tonight. See you tomorrow!

  2. Yeah! That's great news. See you tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for the update. Baby is looking good too with her boo-boo fixed. :c)

  4. Great to be here! Looking forward to the next week!!

  5. Thinking of you two while listening to the news of the storm on the east coast...glad to hear that you are far enough south and won't be too bothered by it. We are enjoying the sunshine at Lake Havasu, Arizona!

  6. We'll be pulling out shortly and will see you soon! Thanks for the update.

  7. Glad you guys survived the storm. Those pictures of the storm over the ocean are fascinating.

  8. What a gorgeous opening picture and interesting shots of Sandy. Sure wish I could say I'll see you soon.