Getting Things Done and Having FUN:o)) - Thursday, November 1, 2012

When we arrived on Monday, Bill had a mission he wanted to accomplish ASAP.  He had our two license plates to return to the DMV or as he calls it the DMZ!!  It sounds like a simple task, but since you get a refund on personal property tax, it becomes more complicated.  So he headed there as soon as we were set up.  Several hour later, he returned and still had not accomplished his mission.  
So first thing Tuesday morning, we both headed back to the DMV with the "proper" paperwork!?!?!  This time, things went much smoother and the refund will be "in the mail!!"  Our next mission was to replenish groceries.  Since we were at Lazydays in Tampa for almost a month and they feed you 3 meals a day, our fridge and pantry needed to be restock.  After that, we headed down to visit Mom as it has been a month since we've seen her. By the time we returned and got everything put away, more friends were pulling into the campground.  Most of these people are full-time or at least major part-time RVers, so it can be once a year that we get to see them.
George and Laurie, probably the newest full-timers,
 backed in across the street:o)
I believe George was getting
some Landscaping done at his site ;o))
As is the custom with the Carolina Clan, we gather after dinner for a campfire.  However, with the winds from Hurricane Sandy being so strong, we had a fire ban at the State Park.  So we just formed the circle and spent time catching up and make new memories.
We are out front,
trying to get as much sunshine as possible. 
Boy have the temperatures dropped:o((
On Wednesday, we had an appointment to get hair cuts in the morning. On our way back through Surfside and Garden city, we stopped at several furniture stores to see if they had swivel recliners that would meet our needs. 
This is our living room furniture
that came with the motorhome. 
While we were at Lazydays, we had them remove the sofa and Euro Lounger.  They just did not work for us.  The sofa was too big and uncomfortable.  The foot stool of the lounger was always in the way. In there place, we had a desk built and now we need to swivel recliners.  We did some searching in Florida, but didn't find recliners that we liked.  In the third store, there they were...right at the front entrance on sale BOGO.  Glad we had emptied the Tahoe and were able to take them home.
Perfect fit and much more homey;o)) 
Here's the new desk they built to match our cabinets!!
By the time we got them moved in and things cleaned up,
it was time to meet the gang again!!

We moved across the street in search of more sunshine.
We still have a fire ban,
so we circled the trick or treat bowl:o))
Thursday morning we went for walk around the state park.
  It was COLD but beautiful. 
We always enjoy walking along the causeway!!
Great Blue Heron
Belted Kingfisher
After lunch, Bill and Gin went fishing. 
I went on a bike ride with Dan, Tricia, Bruce and Laura. 
We headed for the bike trail and then on into Murrells Inlet.

Heading down the trail

First the Marsh Bridge

Great smiles!!

Next stop, the deck over Oak Creek at the Hot Fish Club.
Last stop, the public boat landing near Belin Church.
It was a spectacular day for a bike ride!!
While we were gone, more Carolina Clan members arrived.
Last year, there were 7 couples. 
This year we are at or near 25 couples.
Word of all the fun sure did get around;o))
With so many people, we needed to expand to TWO fires!! 

As the sun went down, so did the temps!!

What a great way to spend time with great people!!
For those who would like to see more about the Carolina Clan gathering, check out these web sites, they blog more regularly than us ;o))


  1. This was all your idea...and it was a great one, too! Wonder what next year will be like? :c)

  2. Great post! It will help us relive all the fun later :)
    PS-Love your new chairs :)

  3. Thank you so much for including us this year. It feels so good to be part of the group!

  4. Looks like we missed a great time. Too bad we are so far away.

  5. Boy this is a great post with terrific pictures. Not sure how I missed it when you first posted it. But it's clear we missed a great time. Believe me we both would much rather have been there than at Moffitt. Miss you!