A Pretty Travel Day - Sunday - October 28, 2012

We left Walkabout Campground in Woodbine, Georgia about 9am and travels 238 miles to Buck Hall Recreation Area in McClellanville, SC. We had a beautiful drive!!
The traffic heading north was light.

We did see a lot of emergency equipment heading north.
We crossed the Savannah River to South Carolina.

About 30 miles north of the South Carolina border,
we picked up HWY 17 toward Charleston.
This is one of our favorite drives.

Beautiful scenery through the Low Country!!
You can see the last of Hurricane Sandy's clouds:o)

We decided to avoid downtown Charleston traffic.
Instead we  picked up I-526 around the city.
Crossing the Cooper River on I-526

We still got a view of the beautiful Ravenel Bridge!!

We arrived at Buck Hall about 2pm.
We were suppose to have Site 5, but got moved to Site 14.

Oh darn...it faces the intercoastal waterway ;o))
Tomorrow we will head to Huntington Beach.
It is only about 45 miles north.
Family and friends have told us they
only had a bad rain storm and nothing more.
Here is the weather for the next 5 days. 
Looks like it will be clear, but be sure you
have some clothes for cool weather!!!
There was also a weather alert for Monday afternoon
through Tuesday afternoon for strong winds.
Just seeing the movement of Hurricane Sandy,
I think this alert may be lifted later tomorrow.
But better safe than sorry!
We should get to the park before noon on Monday.
If we have any issues, we will blog ASAP!!!
Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!!


  1. Yay! We are so looking forward to being there. Tomorrow George is getting our truck's turbo fixed at the local Chevy dealership. It is supposed to snow here tomorrow, but if it hasn't, and the truck gets fixed early enough, we'll head down to Huntington early...even if we have to change sites later.

  2. It was a good travel day for us also but a bit windy. Walkabout is full tonight. This is a nice place for a one night stop. See the gang soon!

  3. Thanks for the update. Can't get rid of Sandy fast enough!

  4. It's hard to complain about cool weather when Sandy has spared us her wrath :)
    Glad you had such a great trip!

  5. Glad your drive went well. We'll see you tomorrow!

  6. Brrrrr....it was a sad, sad day yesterday. I put up my summer clothes and brought out my long sleeves and flannels. Even had to forgo my flip-flops! :-)
    See you soon!