Family Time - Travel to Pennsylvania - September 17-19, 2012

Nancy here:  Today is Friday, October 5th and we have been at Lazydays since Monday.  The motorhome has made it into the work bays and is getting tender loving care.  We are able to stay in the motorhome during the night, but must be out by 8am so work can continue.  Until today, we kept busy doing change of address and residence things.  Now, I hope to have time to catch up on the blog.   
Back to our Family Time...
We continue our birthday celebration for mom by taking her to Pennsylvania to visit her best friend and see the rest of my family.  I picked mom up early on the 17th and brought her back to Ocean Lakes.  We added a booster seat to the Tahoe for her.  I use that same seat in the Sea Eagle.  It's in the genes;o))
We left Ocean Lakes about 9am and headed north on I95 to Roanoke Rapids, NC where we spent the night at Crossroads Campground.  Just so happens, Gin and Syl were still there and we got the site right across the street:o)) 
We had a nice visit during the early evening.
Early Tuesday morning, Gin and Syl headed south and we headed north on I-95.  We wanted to avoid the Washington DC area, so we took I-64 west to I-81.  It is usually a beautiful drive, but heavy rains made it less than perfect. 
Mom has not traveled much in the last 10 years, so we were careful to stop regularly and not travel too far each day.  We were fortunate to get a few breaks in the rain.
 We arrived at Endless Cavern Campground near New Market, Virginia early Tuesday afternoon.  The entrance was lovely.
The campground was very hilly, but nicely laid out. 
It would have felt crowded if it was full.
Since we had it to ourselves,  it was really nice. 
The campground is connected to Endless Caverns and if the weather had cooperated we would have taken the cavern tour.  But it was the perfect afternoon to just chill and enjoy old John Wayne movies!!
Mom got a big kick out of watching
the wildlife around our site.
Wednesday morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine and continued our trip north on I-81.  Today, we saw spectacular scenery!!
We arrived in Pennsylvania just before lunch time.
At Carlisle, we headed east on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Bill and I were staying in Bowmansville not far from Lancaster, PA.
We got Baby settled in at Sun Valley Campground. 
It's a Passport America campground, but most of the sites have annual lease campers on them.  However, we got a decent site near the entrance.  Easy in...East Out!!
After a little lunch, we drove mom to Aunt Marge's house.  Aunt Marge is not a 'blood' relative, but she is our AUNT, mom's best friend and a very special lady!!!
They were so glad to see each other:o)))
Mom will be here with Aunt Marge for a week. 
We have some plans for later in the week with them and the rest of my family.  But for now, Bill and I headed back to the campground and will spend the next few days exploring the Amish Country.


  1. How precious! Your mom and Aunt Marge look so happy! Hope you enjoyed Amish Country. I used to travel to Lancaster quite frequently on business when I worked in Ohio. Beautiful country!

    Laura and Bruce

  2. Pennsylvania is so beautiful! Love the rolling hills/mountains! It's so cool that you got to take your Mom to see her best friend. :-)

  3. So sorry that we were not able to see each other in our stomping grounds...but soon enough, everyone will get a great visit!

  4. Glad to hear that the Endless Cavern's campground is a good one. We need somewhere to stop on 81. You are such wonderful children to give your mother such a nice trip.

    Serendipity strikes again being right across from Gin and Syl. Did you know they were there before you got there?

    Hope you are going to do some details about what you had to do for residency. You are now florida residents I assume and I'm envying your state park fees pretty seriously.

  5. It looks like you made your mom a very happy lady! What a wonderful daughter and son in law you are.

  6. How very nice of you to drive your mom out to see her best friend! Hope they had a wonderful week together!

  7. It was nice to meet your Mom. I know that she had a good visit reconnecting after a few years away from her friend. It looks like they were both all smiles.
    Syl and Gin

  8. So sweet of you to take your Mom down to meet her friend. Wish we could have met you guys down in southern PA, but we'll be seeing you in less than a month!

  9. You done good! Love that smile on your mom's face. Just think how nice it is to be able to travel that far with your house and all its ammenities with you, I'm sure it made you mom's trip very comfortable.

    Hope Lazy Days gets Baby fixed up better than new, and quickly.

  10. Wonderful that you could spend that time with your mom and take her to see her friend.