Family Time, Part One - September 12 - 16, 2012

Nancy here:  Since our last blog, we have been very busy enjoying lots of Family Time.  My mother turns 90 in October and our children, spouses and grandchildren  gathered at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach to spend some time together and celebrate Mom's special birthday!!
Large commercial campgrounds are not our favorite,
but it worked out great having Julie and Steve's gang
camped right behind us.
When we arrived, we were greeted by this sign
made by our 5 year old grand-daughter, Samantha:o))
"Grandparents Day Care"
Thanks Samantha!!
We had several days together and stayed real busy!!

Daniel and Grandmom

Life is just a tire swing!!

Beach time is the BEST!!
 Jumping the Waves !!
Riding the Waves !! 
Doing the Wave !! 
Happy  Fishermen :o)))

Thanks to Uncle Brian and Aunt Chris,
we had a great PIZZA Party!!!

On Saturday, we surprised my mother!!
It is not everyday that you turn 90 ;o))
It's not everyday that you save the birthday cake
from complete disaster...  
Let's just say I managed to keep it off the floor;o))
It is so special to be able to have
the whole family together!!

We Love You !!!

This was just part one of Mom's Birthday Adventure:o))
Stay tuned!!



  1. What a great place to spend such a noteable birthday. Y'all definitely know how to have fun. Love those "wave" pictures. That's where I want to be on my 90th!!!

  2. It sure looks like a nice place and everyone appeared to be having a great time.

  3. Family at the beach --- nothing better.

  4. What a great way to celebrate a 90th birthday! I hope we are all able to celebrate the same way in a few (many!) years :)

  5. Great family pictures. Glad to see you were in some of them. 90 is a special birthday. Glad she could share it with so much of the family.

  6. Great pictures and what a beautiful family you have. Your mom looks great for her age, what a lovely lady.

    Bruce and Laura

  7. Family time is grand! :-) Looks like everyone, including the birthday girl, had a great time!

  8. Thanks for sharing the great family photos. Was starting to wonder when you were going to post again. You really spoiled me with your last post. We need to take a lot of similar photos at the Carolina Clan Rally.

  9. How great is it that your kids bought an RV, what a great way to share fun with them!

    Nice to know that you have been closely supervised by your grandkids, too. Grandparents Day Care, they have your number.

    Wonderful to have everyone together to celebrate your mom's birthday, that made it even more special for her. :c)

  10. What great family time! Looks like you all had a blast. Happy Birthday to your Mom!