No Travel Problems - Saturday - October 27, 2012

WOW...two blogs in one day;o))
Just wanted to let you know that our travels today from Tampa, FL to Woodbine, GA were completely uneventful.  We had overcast skies and a mild headwind.  Actually, it was a pleasant trip!!  No issues with Hurricane Sandy.
We traveled north on I-75 then picked up HWY 301 at Ocala, FL. 
We were able to find WALDO;o))
Caravans of tree trimming trucks were the only sign
that there are problems coming. 
They were heading toward I-95 for places in the
Northeast where things are suppose to be bad:o((
As we approached I-95 just north of Jacksonville,
the clouds were beginning to break.
How about that gas price!?!?
Those were the days :o))))
We arrived at Walkabout Campground around 1:30pm.
We love the welcome committee:o))
After setting up and taking a little break,
we walked down to see the waterway.
The winds have subsided and the clouds are leaving.
As I type this blog, this is the view out front:o))
Red at Night, Sailors Delight!!!
Tomorrow should be a pretty day:o)))
Heard from Bob and Pam, CC friends, camped at Huntington Beach already.  They said it was raining with a little wind, but nothing bad.  Spoke to my mother who lives 3 miles from Huntington and she said the same thing.  So we will head to Buck Hall Recreation Area about 45 miles south of Huntington tomorrow and will report on conditions.  Lets keep those in harms way in our thoughts and prayers.  Having spent 17 days without electricity during Hurricane Hugo, I hope the storm does not do that type of damage!!!


  1. Excellent news! We are anxiously watching landfall as many many friends and family are back on Long Island.

  2. Great news! We're probably quite safe and I'm sure we'll all arrive in Huntington on schedule. I am very concerned for those in the Northeast though. This storm has me fascinated but I'm afraid it's not going to be much fun for many. See you Tuesday!

  3. So glad that a month ago we pulled out of PA. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, but hoping everyone back home is ok.

  4. Love Walkabout and glad we could help increase their business. Gotta feed the welcoming committee doncha know.

    Hope all the CC will have voted by Tuesday. VERY important election.

  5. We'll be at Walkabout Monday and see you at HB Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

  6. See ya Thursday. Glad we're not going to be affected by Sandy, but two of our three kids are directly in its path. Insert worried face here.

    1. Yea, we are not worry free either. Lots of family and friends in the Philadelphia area. Lets keep them all in our thoughts and prayers!!


  7. Glad you guys are not further up the coast. The weather forecasts sound ominous.