Heading to Huntington Beach SP - Saturday - October 27, 2012

This will be short and sweet.  I just read Gail's Blog, Gypsy Turtles, who have been evacuated from Cedar Point on the North Carolina Shore.  They have moved to the Raleigh State Fair Grounds.  So if you need a place to hang out until you travel to Huntington you can join the gang there!!

Bill and I are finally leaving Lazydays today.  We will only travel to the Georgia/Florida boarder today and then on to Buck Hall just north of Charleston on Sunday.  If Sandy has moved as predicted we will arrive at Huntington Beach SP on Monday.

As of this morning Huntington Beach is not being evacuated and is only under a Tropical Storm Watch, not warning.  If those conditions hold, the campground should be fine.  But better to wait until the Watch is lifted to arrive.  I think the only damage may be minor beach erosion.  I will call the State Park today and let you know if we CANNOT arrive on Monday as planned.

In the meantime, everyone stay safe and those in Raleigh enjoy the early start to the CC gathering;o)))


  1. Safe travels...we'll be right behind you! See you very soon. Shall I have the jello shots ready, Bill? :-)

  2. Travel safely! We'll all be waiting for your update on conditions there. I'm sure glad we're not in the NE. It's not looking pretty.

  3. Travel safe, and be our guide! We are in the happy valley still (not Penn State!), but Maggie. It is nice here today.

  4. Latest weather forcasts look positive for Tuesday. Thinking positive..........:)

    Bruce and Laura

  5. We're glad we left the east coast when we did. With the full moon and a storm that's not a good combination on where we were. See you soon.

  6. Glad you got Baby fixed gooder than new. Now we're hoping that there won't be any weak trees anywhere around you ever again.

    We are so looking forward to the CC meet. We've never seen Baby live and in person. Seeing you both is important, too! :c)