Lititz, A Beautiful Town - Friday - September 18, 2012

Nancy here:  Well, it has only been one month since we visited the Pennsylvania Amish County. We have been at Lazydays in Tampa since Oct 1st and I had every intention to get the blog up to day while we were here.  So, I better get busy as I think we are getting down to the end of our time here. 

After our day touring the Amish countryside yesterday, today we planned to visit a couple of the towns.  First on our list was Lititz, home to Sturgis Pretzels and Wilbur Chocolate Factory.

Lititz is a very pretty town
with lovely gardens everywhere.

It is definitely a walking town.
So many lovely old buildings...
pretty flowers...

tree lined streets...

Even the cop walks a beat here:o))

Our first stop was the original Sturgis Pretzel Bakery.

Having grown up just a couple hours away,
Bill grew up eating Sturgis Pretzels.
Pretzels are his all time FAVORITE food group;o))
While the pretzels are no longer made at this location,
it was an interesting tour of the original bakery.

We even got pretzel twisting lessons.

Just a short walk across town,
we found the Wilbur Chocolate Company!!!

You take a self guided tour.
Lots of equipment for making chocolate.

This Chocolatier was working on an all edible design
that will be on display during the Lititz Chocolate Walk.
What is a Chocolate Walk??
Here's what the description says....
"A "Chocolate for Charity" event, the Lititz Chocolate Walk brings together some of the region's most talented chefs and candy makers for a fun and unique way of raising money for local charities.

Walkers with button & punch-card in hand, follow their maps through historic downtown Lititz where chocolate treats are given out at each of the 30 locations this year.

Some patrons refer to it as "trick or treat for grownups" while others just enjoy the chance to sample chocolate goodies and enjoy the ambiance of our lovely community."

Walking is definitely the way to see this lovely town!!


After our walk around Lititz, we headed down the road
to the town of Bird In Hand. 
I could listen to the "clip-clop"
of the horse drawn carriages all day long!!
We came to Bird In Hand to find its farmers market.
It was more "Market" than "Farm" ;o((
I managed to steer Bill away from his
second favorite food group...FUDGE!!
There was just one small produce stand in the entire market so we continued down the road towards the campground.  Just before we got there, we passed a huge store called Shady Maples Farm Market.  It was really a treat.  It is a huge grocery store and the produce section is the best and largest I have ever seen....including the Whole Foods Store!!  Wish I'd thought to take a photo!
It was a great day,
tomorrow we get back to Family Time!!


  1. I loved Lititz! And the pretzels and particularly the triple chocolate almonds at Wilbur's Chocolate Factory :) Neat little town.

    Hope Baby is as good as new shortly. See you soon!

  2. Finally, a post!! I have been checking several times a day. I started to call you. Glad all is well. See you in two weeks. Enjoyed this post.

  3. Nice looking communities. Really love soft pretzels! Mouth waters just thinking about it.
    Syl and Gin

  4. Wow nearly 3 weeks at Lazy Days.......good grief!

    BUT what a cute town you found for walking. That chocolate Walk sounds like it could make me be very interested in heading up there for Halloween. I loved trick or treating and have always wanted to keep doing it. I know I could pass the height test but if someone asked me to take off my mask, then what would I do?? (no remarks Paul I know you are reading this)

    1. Yep and with you mask off you could be mistaken as Belle (as in Beauty and the Beast).

      BTW, we were at the beach the other day and saw this beach umbrella floating by on the horizon.

  5. Pretzels, chocolate and fudge. Hmm, easy to exceed the CCC on Baby. :c)

  6. Love Wilbur chocolates, yum! That whole area is so quaint, really. Hope all is well at Lazy Days.

  7. Pretty little town. Gonna have to put it on the list. I'd sure like to get in on that chocolate walk!

  8. A chocolate walk! We need to find a town that has one of those!

  9. Neat little town....will have to route ourselves there when we go back up to PA!