Wind, Wind and More Wind!! - Friday - December 21, 2012

Last night a strong cold front moved into the area.  The temperatures dropped 20 degrees, the rains came and the winds have been gusting over 40mph ever since 6pm last night.  I spent most of the night tossing and turning as the winds whipped up outside;o((

Nancy said the title of this blog should have been, "As The Screen Room Turns!"  Yeah, I left it up last night....BIG mistake;o((  When we got up this morning, it was upside down!!  It was torn, the hubs were broken, the stakes were dislodged and spread around the campsite!!  Oh well--what's done is done!!

I've had to sew it together before when a micro-burst storm hit us this summer.  But this time it's going to require sewing in a half dozen places. Yea, it's going to require a seamstress and that ain't me!!  Nancy is going to have to perform major surgery if we expect to salvage the screen room.  She agreed to give it a try when she can move her sewing machine outside.  So it won't happen before we get to Florida and warmer weather;o))  If we can't mend it, we'll just get another one just like it....I'll have lots of spare parts;o))

Nancy here:  I don't have one picture of the mess to share with you.  Bill was outside cleaning up while I was still in PJs.  No way was I heading out in the cold and wind for a picture!! But it really was a mess and he looked so pathetic trying to untangle the mess;o((

After cleaning everything up, we ran some errands today.  We picked up our mail, went to the bank ATM and did a little food shopping for Christmas.  It was too windy to do much else.  The coach smells good with Nancy making stuffing for the Turkey dinner we're having at Julie's house.

The cold weather arrived just as the calendar shows it's the first day of winter.  We aren't winter fans, but the good news is that the days start to get longer after today--Hooray!! Now if we can get the winds to slow down and the temps to rise we would be a lot happier.  It doesn't look like it's going to happen in the near future.  We'll just take it in stride and look forward to Christmas with the family.  Then it's off to Florida for a few months....I'm ready :o)))

Nancy here:  I can't post a blog without a here are a few of the white pelicans that visited the causeway yesterday!!!  They hung around for an hour or so and then headed south.  Smart birds...can't wait to see them there:o))

The First to Arrive!!
Think he found the wrong family;o(
Oh, here comes the rest of the gang!!
Dropping in to the reststop...
Just taking a little break....
Miles to go before we sleep;o)
Save us a spot in Florida!!
Safe Travels and Happy Trails!!!!


  1. Hi from Pa! Will you still be at HB for the New Year? We just made reservation for a week from Dec. 27th to Jan. 2nd. My Dad is having health complications and we can not leave for Florida just yet! We are so ready to get out of the cold in PA! Hope we see you some time soon!

  2. Glad it was just the screen room that got overturned byt the winds and not Baby! That would take way more than a needle and thread to fix. :cO

    SUPER pictures of the pelicans! I never tire of watching them. :c) Hopefully they leave us some space in FL, too.

  3. We have been very cool and windy down here in Florida as well.

    We have booked Site 99 for a week in March on our way back to Ontario. Can you take some photos of the site for us and tell us what it is like? Will we be able to get Dish satellite from there?

  4. Merry Christmas to you two! I hope that Santa brings you a new screen room :)

  5. Oh no! So sorry about your screen room! Hope Nancy can mend it. We had strong winds last night too which knocked down some people's Christmas decorations.

  6. GREAT pelican pictures!! Sorry we missed the one of Bill and the screen room. I just know he must have been intent on getting that mess cleaned up instantly.

    We haven't set our screen room up since mosquito season. You must use it for something more than we do. I need to know what else to use mine for. Hope it is easy to fix.

  7. Those white pelicans are really cool-looking! I hope some of them make their way to our part of Florida! The natives here were complaining about the COLD temps today, but it was a nice break from the 80s for us Michiganders . . . the rain missed us, thankfully, and we had beautiful blue skies to go with our wind, so it wasn't too bad!

  8. So sorry the screen room blew to bits...our Christmas tree (outside) proceeded to lay on it's side, twice, yesterday before I decided to just give it up and plug in the lights anyway :) There's something about a prone lighted tree that still gives off the Christmas spirit :) We only got wind and cooler temps. Hope all our friends are warm and safe. Merry Christmas!

  9. Sorry about the screen room. We got a cold front here too, but fortunately no winds...just cold.

    Love the white Pelicans.

  10. Sorry about the screen room. We have had one for about 10 years. It looks kinda ratty but it is still in one piece. We usually use it for shade if we land in a spot with too much sun.

    We get those wind bursts in S TX (from the north) two or three times every winter. There is usually no warning, just a burst of 35 mph wind that blows things around.

  11. We wish you both a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Safe Travels,
    Dianne and Steve