A G’day to Travel–Friday–December 28, 2012

We left a cold Huntington Beach State Park just after 9 this morning.  We enjoyed our month here. Now, with temps down to freezing, it is time to head south…so we did!
Crossing the Causeway one last time.
Hwy 17 entering Georgetown, SC.
The weather for travel was fantastic – a little sun, slightly cloudy, not raining and warming temperatures.  When we crossed into Georgia, Nancy proclaimed over the walkie-talkie…
“We have hit 60 degrees—no, make that 62 degrees!”
That put a smile on my face:o))
The 280 mile trip today was uneventful even though traffic was extremely heavy.  All the grandparents and snow birds were heading south after Christmas.  The 280 miles is certainly more than we like to travel, but now we only have 150 miles to Manatee Springs State Park tomorrow.  They are calling for rain early tomorrow so perhaps we will just leave later than normal and possibly miss the nasty weather.

Our travels ended today when we pulled into one of our favorite “overnight” campgrounds…

Walkabout Campground in Woodbine, Georgia. 
It is just 7 miles from the Florida border.  The young Australian couple that own the campground are very enthusiastic and always greet us with a “G’day Mate!”  They are such hard workers.  Every time we stop, there is another improvement taking place.  They do all the work themselves and they also have 4 very active children that keep them running as well.
Kids in the Chicken Coop;o))
Salad for dinner and then just chilling—hoping the rain comes and goes before we have to leave tomorrow.  So there it is – a G’day to travel;o))

Nancy here:  On Thursday afternoon, we were fortunate to get to see Nancy, Neil and Tatum. 
They traveled for 2 days from PA through all the horrible weather to get here and both of them were wiped out:o((  But at least we were able to get a real short visit and get caught up a little.  Hopefully all goes well for Nancy's dad and they are able to continue their trip to Florida where we can meet up for some fun!!


  1. So glad you are finding warmer temps! I saw on Facebook today, that Nancy and Neal arrived at Huntington today :) They were grateful to have gotten out of the frozen north.
    Walkabout seems to be a favorite of everyone! It's on our list if we ever need it.
    Safe travels tomorrow and G'night!

  2. Good to see that you found warmer weather. Safe travels as you head south. Hope to see you at the Tampa show.

  3. The warmth of Florida awaits you!

  4. Walkabout may be on our agenda soon too. Safe travels.

  5. Glad to see you're moving south, hope we can catch your tail soon and enjoy some of that warmth.

    Nice overnight stop, does a free chicken come with a stay there?

  6. Yes, they are calling for stormy weather in the morning, and it started raining here a little while ago. Have a safe trip down and we'll (hopefully) see you in Silver Spring.

  7. Who started this Walkabout craze?? We've been stopping there since our first trip to Florida. It's THE place!
    Hoping for good weather for your travels tomorrow. Watch out- 280 miles is inching toward PDD. ";-))

    1. I believe it is all your fault;o)) For those who plan on coming this way... it is nothing fancy. We love it because of the easy on/off of I-95 and it is 6 hours from Murrells Inlet. But most of all we just adore the cute family that owns this place. We feel like we are watching the kids grow up. Just so nice to see them making there dream come true!!! (you can read about their dream here: http://walkaboutcamp.com/about-us-2/

  8. We are planning on stopping at Walk About in a couple of weeks on our way to Florida. Sounds like the perfect place to stop overnight.

    Bruce and Laura

  9. Enjoy your stay at Manatee springs - another park we love.

  10. We enjoyed Walkabout too. Perfect place to stop. Glad you got to see Nancy & Neil for a bit.

  11. Well here we sit at Walkabout! Yucky yucky day to travel today (30th) but after 9 hours, we made it safe and sound. Florida tomorrow! Whoop whoop. See you very soon