A TOTAL Washout;o(( - Wednesday - December 12, 2012

We got up this morning and like every morning, we dressed for a brisk walk.  We opened the door and it started t0 rain.  Soooo - we wimped out and came back in for a second cup of coffee.  No walk today;o(

I don't know what significance today has, but I read on the internet that we will never see this date again, 12/12/12.  No kidding!!

Nancy spent most of the day sewing until she broke her last sewing machine needle.  She'll have to finish up another day.  No way was she going out for a new needle today.  OK, that left time for her to make some homemade bread and soup for dinner:o))

Roasted Red Pepper and Carrot Soup
Herb Cibatta Bread
Perfect dinner on a cold and rainy day!!
I spent today downloading geocaches located in the various campgrounds we will be staying in this winter.  I got out our electric heater as the temperature has dropped 15 degrees since yesterday.   So, it is comfy cozy inside the motorhome.
It has rained, hard at times, and we have not even ventured outside today.  This area certainly needs the rain.  We're thankful that it's rain and not the white stuff.  We had been wearing shorts and T-shirts for the past week.  However, that has change to Jeans and sweatshirts...time to head south;o))
One of the many things we both like is music.  So, on a day like today, we turn the Ipod on and listen to some of the 8000 songs we have on our Ipod!!!  The speaker system in Baby is really good and we enjoy the different genres: Rock and Roll, Disney, Christmas, Piano, Gospel, Shagging, Jimmy Buffet, Doo Wop, etc.  Just sit back and enjoy the comforts of home when we have.....


  1. That soup looks wonderful. Catherine had to explain to me that I would not live to see another 12/12/12. It made me kind of depressed.

  2. I thought 12/12/12 seemed like a great day to do something fantastic but I couldn't think of anything more fantastic than what I do everyday.

    Don't think heading south will help you in the shorts and t-shirts department. We haven't worn them for a week here on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

  3. That bread looked fabulous! The soup too but I love good bread :)
    After 3 days of jeans down here in Texas, we are back in shorts today. Y'all come on down!

  4. Glad to see you have not forgotten how to sit still once in a while... ;c)

    Only 8000 songs???!!!

  5. I love those kind of days. Haven't seen any yet! It rained here last night in Bakersfield, and we have jeans and sweatshirts on for the first time in 2 months!

  6. Hold the rain! There is too much to do!

  7. Bet it smelled good inside Baby while the bread was baking and the soup was simmering. Yummy!

  8. This looks like the perfect "chill day". Love to hear the sound of rain on the roof. The soup and bread look wonderful. Might need the recipes!

    Bruce and Laura