A Little Shopping, A Little Hike & A BIG Smile–Friday–December 7, 2012

Nancy has been ‘encouraging’ me to get back to writing a daily blog.  While it may not be done daily, I have promised myself to write more often.

Nancy here:  I have been ‘encouraging’ Bill to keep a journal about our days.  He did that during our 1999-2000 travels.  I can’t tell you how often we look back at those journals and enjoy all the fun again.  Hate to miss this great adventure without a record;o)  If these journals become a blog entry fine… if not, that’s fine also!!

Today started like most of our days with a brisk walk about sunrise.  After breakfast, I made a quick run to Wal-Mart for a few groceries – A Little Shopping.

After lunch, we decided it would be a good time to hike the nature trail here at Huntington Beach State Park.  The early gray day had improved. The skies cleared and the temps were in the mid 60’s… nice temperature for an easy 2 mile walk.

As she always does, Nancy got some great photos of nature!!  We saw an Ibis Day Care…really;o)  There was one adult Ibis (all white) and about 15 young Ibis (brown and white).  We saw another Bald Eagle and she even got a photo of an American Coot “walking” on the water!!  All in all, a very pleasant walk – A Little Hike.

Nancy here:  Yep, I got some really cool pictures.  I thought I had down loaded them as I usually do.  However, they are no where to be found?!?!  Of course, I cleared the memory cards and emptied the recycle bin… sooooo no photos from today;o((

But, you can't have a blog without a picture;o)
Ever try to remove the zip-off pant bottoms
 without removing your shoes?!?!

The third part of the title, A BIG Smile, requires a brief explanation.  The nice couple that bought our house back in March called to tell us they had received a notice from the tax assessor which was addressed to Nancy and I.  I drove to their home, opened up the letter and promptly handed the 2013 Tax Bill for the house back to them with A BIG Smile:o))  It doesn’t belong to us anymore!!  They also smiled and said, “I guess you wouldn’t want to pay this for us?”  There was no need to answer—the little dance I did with the smile on my face gave them my response;o))

So, there we go...
A Little Shopping, A Little Hiking & A BIG Smile!!! 
It’s great to be a Full-Timer!!!


  1. OH BUMMER about the pictures. I was really looking forward to the nursery and the water walking especially. shoot! Oh well.........

    Bill about those pant legs....that's why we always buy the ones with the zippers at the bottom. The whole point for me is to take off the legs if it gets too warm. Why would I want to have to take off my shoes to do that? I might as well just change clothing. LOL

  2. Oh, too funny! I bet they wish you had offered to pay that tax bill for them! heeheehee!
    Isn't it wonderful? All those other people thinking THEY are living the dream are paying all those bills :)

  3. That was one tax bill you actually liked! :c)

    I try to post every few days, I enjoy the writing and documenting our life and travels but I'm not going to get OCD over it if I only post every few days. Retired life is supposed to be fun! (And it sure looks like you are having lots of it).

  4. I know it is a bit of a chore at times, Bill, but I agree with Nancy...it is so great to be able to look back on your daily journal. We do so often...one year ago today, we were here doing this...two years ago today...

  5. I'm finally understanding the daily blog grind :) Sometimes we get back from doing our thing, and I feel I have to rush to get the blog posted. Now, if I do it the next day and combine a few days, oh well!

  6. Had to enlarge that picture of you -- at first it looked like you were sporting some knee-high fashion boots. :-))

  7. I just love how the yellow tee shirt matches the yellow band on the screen house...its the little things! :)

  8. I hate it when I lose pictures. Oh well, good one of Bill :).

  9. I can just see your smile as well as the happy dance!

  10. I just love your screen house. Can you tell who makes it and where we can get one?

    1. It is made by Northwest Territory and we got it at K-Mart.