A Relaxing Day - Sunday - December 9, 2012

Every now and then, we enjoy a day of just chilling.  Today was that day.  We headed to the beach planning to do a strenuous walk!

 It turns out that the beach was at low tide:o)) 
Not only was it a low tide, but there were beach treasures everywhere. 
We just had to stop and check things out;o))

Not much cardio exercise, but what a wonderful morning on the beach!!

Nancy here:  There are many versions of the Sand Dollar Legend.  Here is one if you have never read one before.  Since the Sand Dollar we found was no longer alive, I thought I would break it open to show the five doves the legend refers to.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar
The sand dollar no intrinsic value has he,
Only reminders of our Lord up from the sea.
Four little holes for the nails which held him to die.
Another one marks where the spear pierced his side.
A star for the manger, a bell to ring
And inside five doves, his praises to sing.
Nature is AMAZING!!!
After getting clean up, we picked up Nancy's Mom for brunch at a local diner where, according to Mom, they serve really good Blueberry Pancakes!!  Nancy and Mom ordered the Blueberry Pancakes.  I opted for plain pancakes and......
a little appetizer since I didn't get the blueberries;o)))
It was really good, especially the homes fries... 
oops, I mean blueberries;o))
By the time we got back to the Motorhome, the temperatures were in the 70's.  So we hopped on our bikes to get a little exercise to work off those blueberries;o)  Leisurely pedalling around the campground and state park, we managed to pretty much kill the rest of the afternoon.  There is always something beautiful and/or interesting to see....
Riding across the causeway... 

It's unusual to see Alligators this time of the year,
but with temperatures in the 70's...
American Coot and a turtle... 
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.... 
This looks like a Nutall's Woodpecker...
but it's range is usually California?!?!? 
If you know what it is...give a shout!!
What a relaxing Sunday...
walking, eating, biking and watching a little football.  
Woo Hoo, the Panthers beat the Falcons!!! 
A wonderful day in retirement!! 


  1. Never heard of "The Legend of the Sand Dollar", thanks for sharing, it was great!

  2. What a wonderful story! I'd never heard that, and had collected a lot of sand dollars as a kid in CA. Cool :)

  3. I believe that is a yellow bellied sapsucker. Nice pictures

  4. Gorgeous pictures Nancy. Love the one of the three of you. I have to laugh at your title....Relaxing day...you sure did a lot while you were "relaxing". ;-)

  5. You sure did a lot while you were relaxing :) I loved Bills appetizer. Was that Vegan bacon??? :)
    Glad the weather warmed up for you.

  6. You are enjoying what Bruce and I love best, walking the beach and riding bikes!

    I was at the Panther game yesterday entertaining agents. We were in the second row by the end zone, awesome game!

    Keep enjoying Huntington Beach! Wish we were there!

    Laura and Bruce

  7. You've just proved that the word "relax" isn't in your vocabulary. On your "rest" day you did more than some folks do in a week. :c)

    Loved the Sand Dollar poem, never knew there were wings inside one. Cool!

  8. Had to chuckle at Bill's appetizers. Blueberry pancakes are my favorite though!

  9. Thanks for sharing the sand dollar legend. Never heard it before. Your pictures make us wish we were still there!