Cleaning Day–Saturday–December 8, 2012

We woke to a foggy drizzly morning.  Normally, we head out for a walk. But today, we decided to walk after the weather improved.  While we waited, we knew it was time to take care of an overdue task.  Yep, it was time to empty all the cabinets and drawers, get rid of stuff we don’t use, vacuum and spray for bugs, then put everything back in some sort of order;o)

We started at the front of the coach and proceeded to empty every closet and drawer, cleaning and spraying as we went along. 

We want to have the motorhome ready for a long stay in the buggy state of Florida beginning in January! We ended up making a bit of a mess;o(


But gradually, we moved through the coach and got the job done:o))

Everyone that full-times realizes that storage space is a precious thing.  Yea, we found out those Christmas presents we bought have to fit somewhere?!?! 

Hmmm, there’s plenty of room on Nancy’s side of the closet;o)) 

Couldn’t possibly fit on my side!! 

Reorganization takes time! We started the job about 8am and finished up 6 hours later. I always think of Roger and Diane of Travel With Whippets (well actually more of Roger) when we start reorganizing.  Roger gave a wonderful presentation of his Bin Labeling System at our first RV-Dreams Rally. 
I know I am just as “anal” as Roger, maybe more, when it comes to organization.  I’m a believer that everything has its PROPER place and not just “put it here because it fits!”

After finishing the cleaning, Nancy went for a walk back to the Nature Trail to see if she could get a picture of the Ibis Day Care we saw yesterday and she deleted from the computer;o((

 Unfortunately, the day care must not be open on the weekend.
No Ibis to be found;o((

 However, it wasn't a wasted walk!! She got some great shots of one of the Bald Eagles now nesting here at Huntington Beach:o))



  1. Bugs in Florida? In your motor home? In my motorhome? Oh dear. I guess I should have spent my 6 rainy, drizzly, foggy hours on my birthday cleaning instead of shopping for gifts I couldn't find for my father. I would actually have preferred the cleaning and that's saying something.

    Hats off to you for having closets clean enough to photograph. No comment from here.

  2. Cool eagle! Bill and Roger are almost like brothers but Roger likes to climb up high on the rocks out west.

  3. Very cool majestic Eagle!
    You are inspiring me to, once again, go through all my cabinets. It seems to be a never ending project and each time things get thrown out. If we had known that right off, we could have saved ourselves a lot of money and trouble :)

  4. Very nice pics of the Eagle. I like the whole cleaning/reorganizing/getting rid of "junk" process we seem to go thru quice frequently!

  5. Oh wow. I am famous! Just so you know, we reorganized everything and made a new master location list after we returned to Retama Village this fall. Someone was not putting "stuff" back in its properly assigned location.

  6. I guess we haven't lived in ours long enough to want to clean out and re-organize. Then again, we've been in here over a year!

  7. I keep putting off the organizing. The one reason to stay in one place for five months is to get it done. Once it's done I'll be ready to travel again. Jim not so much, so I'm delaying it till the very last month.

    Great photos of the Eagle.

  8. one can never tire looking at the eagles...

  9. Bugs in Florida...oh boy and we've finally gotten rid of all the stink bugs we picked up in Virginia. Maybe we should change our plans for Florida and go to Alaska for the winter...

    Awesome picture of the bald eagle, but then I've come to expect nothing less! :c)

    1. Hey, the reason we finally said it had to be done was because of a couple stink bugs. We have lived in South Carolina since 1982 and never had a stink bug in our house or RV. One trip back to PA, through Virgina, and we come home with stink bugs...what's that all about!!!

  10. Cleaning day is scheduled for January when we arrive home in Florida and are finished with Amazon..right now I'm lucky I get the clothes clean, never mind anything else :-)! We're planning the every cabinet, closet deal as well, along with steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery. Ah, winter plans :-). Will you be in the Homosassa area at all? Would love to go kayaking, or anything, with you folks one day!

  11. Will you come organize us? :-)))
    We don't like that job. :-(