Another Beautiful Day - Tuesday - December 11, 2012

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We have been having unusually warm weather for December in sunny South Carolina. The TV weather man said we have been 10 to 15 degrees above the average temperature for this time of the year.  We are certainly not complaining!  With temps hovering in the low 70’s it doesn’t get any better.  

We headed across the causeway before sunrise for our morning walk. 
We continued our walk along the ocean. 

The perfect way to start the day !!

Nancy loves to walk to the Jetty.  Today, the tides were right.  You need to walk there at low tide or you will run out of beach otherwise;o(  Low tide is at 1 pm, so we headed toward the jetty about 11:30am. 
The beach was wide and very clean.  There wasn't a lot of stuff to find.  However, Nancy always manages to find something;o))

Huge Horseshoe Crab Shell
Sand Crab digging out his tunnel
He retreated to his tunnel when she got close !
Mushrooms on the Sand Dunes
Thought mushrooms liked dark, damp locations!!
We finally reached the Jetty!
Covered with marsh grass...
A good sign that high tide covers the jetty!!
Sunken Treasure:o))
This sailboat sunk here several years ago.
We spent a while on the jetty watching the all the birds.
The Channel Markers are a favorite roosting spot!
Most of the birds were hunting for lunch!!
The Terns are such graceful fliers:o)
We watched this cute pair of ducks for a long time.
Shout out if you know what they are...
This one finally got his lunch;o)) 
This Gull was having CLAM for lunch;o))
This Gull may have bit off more fish than he can chew;o))
When it was time to head back, we decided to take a different route.  Instead of walking back down the beach, we followed the jetty towards Murrells Inlet.
We passed by the salt marsh.
Saw some really cool ducks hanging out in the marsh!!
These are Hooded Mergansers.
The males have large white hoods
the females have red hoods or hair;o))
I really think she should be called "Lucy" in honor
of that other Famous Redhead!!
At the end of the jetty, you reach the shore bird nesting area.  This is a restricted area set aside to provide a safe area for the Least Tern to nest on the ground.  This area is closed from March to October.  Nobody home today;o)
We left the jetty and continued along the trail.
We were behind the dunes which made for beautiful views!!
Almost back to the beach...
There is a cool front headed our way.
Looks like our wonderful weather will be changing;o((
After our second walk, I finished the remaining monthly maintenance items while Nancy was busy making a tablecloth and bench seat covers for a picnic table.  She had bought the material in the Amish country in Pennsylvania in October and this was the first chance to take on the task. 
All I know is when I see the sewing machine come out from under the dinette bench seat, we’re going to have material, thread, scissors, Velcro and whatever else from one end of the coach to the other.  It’s not like she can retreat to the “sewing” room – that’s what the floor, the dinette table, and the bed are for... Sheesh!   

Nancy had enough material left over to cover the dinette table.  It doesn't match our decor...but it will do until we find something that will match;o))  But, for now, it will do its job of  protecting the wood table spills and scratches.  Nancy’s pretty handy to have around!

This is the first time since we have been full-timing that we are staying a month in one place, so we are getting a lot of jobs completed that we have on the “white board."  It also has allowed us to do things at a leisurely pace as well as enjoy the beautiful nature that this park has to offer.  Today was one of those days – another beautiful day!


  1. What a fabulous morning walk. I can't believe your pictures - of the bird's catch no less. You have some eye that's for sure.

    Had I known you were going to have left over material I would have sent the measurements of my picnic table. :-))

  2. How cool you got to meet "Lucy"! Was Desi around anywhere close by?

    I understandt the sewing "blizzard", I've been through it a bunch of times, too and have the pin scars to prove it.

    Wonderful hike, it's a great life you're enjoying. :c)

  3. love love beach walking! HB is the perfect place to do that! Enjoy your days

  4. Wonderful post! You're pictures of walking are always inspiring to me. Great pictures of the area. That's a very long way to that jetty.

    What a great idea to MAKE a tablecloth. It's hard finding the right size.

  5. Yes, I'd say Nancy is pretty handy to have around :) She sure did a nice job on the tablecloths.

    Your double walk was beautiful! Who knew mushrooms could grow on the beach?? Enjoy your month. It's a beautiful spot to sit awhile.

  6. You are lucky to get a month in that beautiful place. Lots of sunrises to witness!

  7. Very nice looking bench dinette. We don't have one in the new (to us) RV and I really miss the storage it provided. Nice pictures of the birds at the beach.