Night of 1000 Candles–Saturday–December 15, 2012

Every year Brookgreen Gardens puts on a Christmas light display for 3 weekends in December.  It is called The Night of 1000 Candles.  It was a little misty, but we decided to drive over despite the possibility of rain.  As it turned out, it was a good decision.  We got a little mist, but never did get wet:0)
The $16 per person admission seemed a little steep, but we thoroughly enjoyed all the lights, displays and live entertainment.  We stopped to listen to a Bell Choir, a Choral Group and even a Bagpiper!!  They were all wonderful.

One of the exhibits I really enjoyed was the Toy Train and Christmas of Old display. 

On one of the platforms there was a working Ferris Wheel

 made from an original Erector Set!! 

When I was a kid, I just loved my Erector Set.
This display brought back fond memories:o)

OK, how many of you had a Schwinn Bicycle?!?!?
Just like the one I used on my paper route:o))

Nancy took a fancy to the Christmas tree and wreath display.  All the trees and wreaths were made out of many different natural materials....
how creative!!

Nature's Wreaths
Of course, there were the LIGHTS!!!!
 Having lived in the South for many years,
we have come to love the Live Oak Trees.

This one is spectacular!!!
Now, I would like to recant my $16 too much statement.  It was worth that and more.  This is the 3rd or 4th year we have viewed The Night of 1000 Candles and without a doubt this was the best we’ve seen.  It was a great way to spend the evening and get into The Holiday Spirit:o))
Merry Christmas to All and...
 to All a Goodnight!!


  1. Never had a Schwinn, I was lucky to have a third hand bike that I put lots of miles on (PDD started young). I did have an Erector Set, it was a treasured toy and I learned lots from it and the things I was able to build.

    Wish I still had it. Who needs video games when you have a great toy like that?

    Great pictures, glad you got your money's worth. :c)

  2. Definitely sounds like a fun evening. Beautiful pictures Nancy.

  3. Fantastic pictures of everything! I liked the trees and wreaths too. They were beautiful. The lights were fantastic and you captured them so well. I need to find something like this here! It's hard to get into the holiday spirit when it's 80 and the humidity is 93%! Everything just wilts :)

  4. Just beautiful. I like to see the lights, especially at some of the gardens.

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful! Merry Christmas to you both!

  6. What fun! The live oak tree picture is amazing.

  7. I remember falling off my Schwinn and needing stitches on my knee! Beautiful picures! Love the picture of the Live Oak!

    Laura and Bruce

  8. We have Schwinns now! Love them! :-) Merry Christmas to both of you! See you soon!

  9. I bought a Schwinn bike with my own money by ironing for people. That was the highlight of my young life. I kept it till just a few years ago. I wish I still had it.

    The lights are fabulous, I too like the oak tree.

  10. We both had Schwinns when we were kids and rode them all the time. Fun times!

    This looks like a spectacular event! What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

  11. I had a schwinn, loved it. Beautiful lights, great pictures.