Enjoying Huntington Beach SP–Thursday–March 15, 2012

Wednesday, it took almost 5 hours of off and on phones calls to get our Motorhome Insurance done.  I had already received 3 quotes from different sources so it was just a matter of selecting which one we were comfortable with.  In the end, we chose Miller Insurance as our agent and GMAC as our insurer.  We also plan on getting an umbrella policy increasing our liability coverage.  Sound like a Howard from RV-Dreams suggestion? ;o))

We had planned to head to Huntington Beach SP, but the back and forth phone calls just ate up the day.  So this morning, we loaded up the bikes and headed to Huntington.  We rode our bikes for a nice 10-12 mile trip.

Neither of us have been on our bikes since January and we need to get our ‘bike’ legs in shape.  Hopefully we’ll be riding a lot more once we are finished moving.

Nancy here:  There are no pictures of the bike ride.  Why's that you ask?? Well... Bill lent me his smaller camera and guess what???
The batteries were dead:o((    Oh well, it was still a nice ride!!

After the ride, we headed down to the beach.  Of course, Nancy had the HER camera in hand ;o)) 
 03- approaching the beach

What a great day—bright and sunny with temps in the mid 70s.  Lots of birds, not too many people… a nice way to spend the morning!!05 - beautiful beach and not many people

The ocean really looked like a big lake. 
It was a perfect surf for this couple!!04b - Paddle surfers he and she

04a - Paddle surfer heading out04c - Paddle surfer riding the wave

As always,

Nancy found a lot of interesting things

on the beach,

in the ocean and

in the sky!!

(Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge it)

Interesting Things in the Sand!!
06a - In the Sand - interesting sea weed
  06a2 - In the Sand - green sea weed
06a3 - In the Sand - White sea bubbles  06b - In the Sand - Teeny Tiny Augar Shell
06c - In the Sand - Conk Shell  06e - In the Sand - Teeny Tiny Clam Shell

Interesting Things still Alive!!
07a - Jelly Fish  07b - Jelly Fish
08b - Tiny Spider Crab  08c - Crab that was eating Jelly Fish

Interesting things in the Ocean!!
09 - In the Ocean - Tour Boat  09b - In the Ocean - Dolphins
09c - In the Ocean - Surfing Ducks  08d - Sanderlings Lunch Time

Interesting Things in the Sky!!
02b-Belted Kingfisher  10b - Above the ocean - Tern09d - In the Ocean - Pelican Diving for Dinner10 - Above the ocean - Pelican Train
Got to LUV those Pelicans!!!

The morning flew by and it was time to head home for a little lunch. This afternoon, I will be chilling and Nancy will be downloading pictures and trying to catch up on our blogs from January. 

Only a few days to go until we shove off for Florida to pick up our ‘New Home’:o)  I made a reservation for Monday night, the 19th, at a Passport America Campground called Walkabout.  It is near the Georgia-Florida border, 290 miles, which is a LONG one-day drive for us.  That will mean only 230 miles on Tuesday to get to Lazydays ;o((  However, it will be worth the effort.  So far, the stars have been lining up for us and we are THANKFUL!!!!

Nancy here:  A few more catch-up blogs from January!!

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  1. How did you get that pelican to balance on it's beak in the wave like that? I guess pelicans are just special. :-)

  2. Can't wait to see a new header picture with that Journey gleaming. :c

    Sorry to hear that you're going to do a long day driving, but it will be worth it to arrive early at Lazy Days. It will be worth the numb butts... ;c)

  3. Now I have to catch up with your postings in my reading. You have definitely been busy. Really fabulous pictures of the beach. Could you hear me sighing and longing????

    Safe long trip! You can be Paul & Marti Jr.

  4. Love love love the beach!! The shot of the pelican diving for his dinner is great! Safe travels to FL!

  5. I love the kingfisher picture. Looks like a great day at the beach.

  6. Every day at the beach is a good day and it looks like yours was excellent!
    We'll sure be thinking about you the next few days. Don't forget about us while you're all cozy there in that Lazy Days park :)

  7. Nice beach pictures. Can't wait to see the motor home. BTW what happens to the class B when you get your new MH? Did you trade it in?

  8. Yes, the Class B Pleasureway will be traded in for the new coach. Boy did that Van serve us well, but it is time to move on. From what I understand, it won't take long for it to be posted for sale on the Lazydays Web Site. Hope we get time to unload it first;o))

  9. There is little doubt that the PELICANS are Special;o))
    You just never know what they can or might do!!!