We’re Getting Close!! - Sunday - March 4, 2012

It’s Sunday morning and we have had tons of rain since Friday night.  But nothing like the tornados and nasty weather that some of the country has experienced.  Our hearts go out to all those who have been hit so hard.  We hope all our RV friends are safe and out of harms way.  We actually need the rain and it is washing the pollen out of the air and trees!!

The house is practically empty of furniture.  We are gathering the “to-go-with” stuff in the empty bedrooms.
02 - Stuff to go in Motorhome03 - Stuff to go in Motorhome04 - Stuff to go in Motorhome

Both of us agree that this “stuff” may be paired down quickly if it doesn’t seem to fit.  But not having the motorhome here makes it a bit more difficult to decide. Our new home is still scheduled to be delivered to Lazydays in Tampa by March 15th.  So we are planning accordingly.

The dining room is filled with goods we plan on selling at a garage sale next Saturday morning.
 01 - Garage Sale Stuff
We will set up the sale in our EMPTY garage so inclement weather shouldn’t bother us.  We’ll see what happens;o))

Nancy and I spent the last couple days just getting the kitchen cleaned out.  It’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated in less than 8 years;o((  Nancy’s cooking strategy is sure going to change.  She has had the luxury of a large freezer in addition to the side by side freezer/refrigerator.  She usually cooks in bulk and freezes in individual size meals.  That’s not going to happen in the motorhome. However, I have little doubt she will adapt quickly.

We have begun changing our address and cancelling some of the services like: cable TV, home phone land line, the newspaper delivery, etc.  Sitting on our ONLY chair in the living room, writing this blog, I have to chuckle at how smoothly this whole process has gone.  I know Murphy is here somewhere. But he has yet to show up and I’m hoping he just gets lost!!

This afternoon we are actually going shopping.  What for????? 
Believe it or not, we still need a few things other than food for our new adventure --- SHEESH!!!

Nancy here:  Just wanted to let you know that I have finally found some time to begin to catch up on all the blogs I did not get posted in January.  Click on the link to the post from January 18th at Myakka State Park.


  1. Wow, the 15th can't come fast enough! We are so excited to see you in your new home on wheels.

    Good luck with the garage sale,with any luck you'll earn enough to buy a gallon or two of diesel. ;c)

  2. Time is going by so quickly! I bet you can't wait to get all that stuff into the MH, and ship off!

  3. you should have seen our curb of "stuff" on our last day of packing the motorhome...

  4. After having traveled in the Pleasureway, the Journey will seem HUGE and no doubt everything you have set out will fit in nicely. I might reconsider getting rid of that folding step stool I see set for garage sale. We use ours all the time. It is right in the front of one of the basement compartments.

    CAN'T WAIT to see you! And your new Journey!!

  5. When having the garage sale if the weather looks that it will be sunny bring things out of the garage. If you leave it inside people just drive by because they can't see what you have from the curb. Go Figure!

    The last sale we had was going poorly because it was the first time we kept it in the garage. As soon as we started pulling things out into the driveway things just started selling like crazy.

    Good Luck, Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I agree with Sherry's comment about the step stool. We have one and Dan uses it quite a bit...I, however, prefer to use one of the dining room chairs as my stepstool. ;-) Hey - everything has to be multi-purpose, right? I actually LOVE cooking in my small space (and I still cook larger quantities and freeze).

  7. Ditto on the step stool, as long as it is light weight. Ours lives in the shower when we are not using it. You will probably have a better place in your new home.

  8. I, too, cook larger and freeze. I really don't do many things differently than I did before. You'll find your niche after awhile. It's part of the journey! (pun intended :))

  9. Yep...we've been thinking about you two and how close the delivery date is getting. Still grinning, aren't ya. Rented a trailer yet? Continue on with the smooth sailing.

  10. Glad to hear things are going so smoothly. Very excited for you...March 15th will be hear before you know it.

  11. Makes us happy to see your almost there. We still have a ways to go.

  12. Wow, March 15th. . . is NEXT WEEK!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new home. Good luck with your garage sale!