We Saw Our New Home…Kinda! - Tuesday - March 20, 2012

This morning we left the campground about 8AM.  It was an easy drive.  Along the way, we stopped at some really SPECIAL places for breakfast and lunch. 

Breakfast Spot
01 - Breakfast

Lunch Spot
02 - Lunch Stop
Nothing but the best for us FULLTIMERS;o))

We arrived at the Lazydays Delivery Check-in office about 2PM. 

They were expecting us.
We were escorted to Site 104 in the “Crown Club”
where we park the Pleasureway, Tahoe and Uhaul. 
 04d - Site 104  Where's the Journey
However….Where’s the Journey?!?!?

Once they checked out the Pleasureway (trade-in),
we were shuttled to the adoption agency (finance dept)
to take care of all the paperwork (pay the lady)!!!

However, we still had not seen our motorhome. 
Yes, we bought it sight unseen;o((( 

Our salesman, Joe, was out in the delivery area trying to find our rig.  It had just come in last night and seemed to keep moving around the lot.  Once he’d find it, it wasn’t there when he went back;o))

Every service bay is full.
 05c - Busy Place

Our unit was right across the street
waiting for its turn at the SPA!! 
 05b - Waiting Turn for the SPA!

They will clean it up and thoroughly check it out
before we get it on our site.

But in the mean time,
here’s what we’ve been waiting for!!05a - Here she is!

It was just as we had hoped!!  The color scheme, the size, the interior and everything we could see with the slides in looked great:o)) 

05d - Inside with Slides In

Nancy said, “it looks like a baby next to the 40 footers!” Ours is 35 feet, but we are confident that it is the perfect size for us.  We’ll see if everything fits?!?!?!

We enjoyed a glass of wine and light supper at the Crown Club. Then we took a walk this evening acting like a couple of giddy kids.  Tomorrow will probably be a chill day.  We might get our motorhome on site late tomorrow, but probably not until Thursday.  As soon as “she” is all cleaned up and ready to receive company, we will let you know and post better photos!!

This was parked right in front of our new rig. 06 - The Perfect Toad
They must have known I am looking for the perfect TOAD!!


  1. Wow, such an exciting time for you.

  2. "Like a couple of giddy kids". We are soo happy for you two!! Happy Dance all around!
    Now you will learn a little patience but take your time and check out everything while you are there. It'll be worth it. Feel free to call Gin if you have any questions.
    Syl and Gin

  3. How very exciting! We are so happy for you! BTW, you did call her "her", so are we entertaining any names?

    Glad you made the trip safely. Hope to hear more shortly :)

  4. Looking good! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Gail,

    No names yet...need to spend a little more time with her;o)) But the moment we saw her amongst all the "BIG" boys, we knew she was a girl:o))

    I keep saying "Oh, she is so cute!!" Which is driving Bill crazy. But hey, that's my job!!

    Having a great time, Nancy

  6. Gin and Syl,

    Don't leave home without your phone!!! Little doubt Bill will be calling;o))))

    I'm still doing the "Happy Day!!"


  7. Wow! So beautiful! :) What an exciting time for you guys!!

  8. Love your new baby! Congratulations!

  9. She's a beauty and a keeper, for sure!!! I love that you are like giddy kids! Yeah for you two!!!

  10. Boy is she gorgeous! You could call her Marilyn she's so pretty. :-)
    The excitment just oozes out of this post. We are SO happy for you and although we don't want you to have to be tooo patient for toooo long, we are hoping they keep you there until we can get back to see the 3 of you. BIG HUGS and CONGRATULATIONS! You done good, real good!!

  11. So excited for you guys! A nice looking rig. BTW...We never have named our motor home. We talked about it, but never did it. We did name our 24 foot travel trailer (from years ago). Her name was Lucy (from the Long, Long Trailer). We named the truck Desi. We have a framed replica of the poster from that movie on the wall of our MH. Enjoy!

  12. Congratulations! What a beauty! If you're still there on the 29th, we'd like to see you and the new MH. We'll be at Long View Super store. If not we'll see you later in SC.

    Enjoy, safe travels.

  13. I remember the excitement of seeing our motorhome the first time ... enjoy making it your own with your belongings.

  14. "She" is a beautiful motorhome. And with that paint scheme, the Cheezit truck would be a perfect matchng toad.

    Glad to see you journey to your Journey is finally reaching the end. Let the fun begin!!! :c)

  15. Ron and Joan WestcottMarch 21, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    Your "baby" will fit in campsites that those big 40 footers won't! I know you'll be happy with the length like we are with ours. What are your travel plans once you get moving?

  16. So excited for you! She has you in awe! As it should be.

  17. Wow, what a big change in size for you! You must feel as if you'll be living in a palace :-)! We hope to see you and your new journey at some point. We'll be in the Homosassa area through Easter, shout if you're nearby. Best wishes always.