Day 2… We’re Waiting - Wednesday - March 21, 2012

Today we both were up bright and early.  We got a great shower and then breakfast at the Crown Club.  After breakfast, we went to check on our Journey.

Uh Oh!! She was here last night?!?!02 - The Journey was here last night
Now where’d she get to???

There are 220 service bays at Lazydays. 
She was not in one of the 40 Crown Club bays,
so off we went to find her!

A few rows over, we found her in bay 115.04 - There she is in bay 115

She was getting a pedicure;o))
05 - Yes she's getting a pedicure (Tyron)
Actually, they were installing the Tyron Safety Bands on the front wheels.  They will provide stability in case of a blown front tire.  I guess that’s a good thing;o))

Well, we knew our rig would not be on site this morning. 
So we took off to check out Lazydays.

First stop was through the sales offices.06a - exploring - sales offices

At the end of the long hallway is the Café Entrance.06b - exploring - Cafe Entrance

The Café is quiet right now, but it is packed for breakfast and lunch which is served to anyone who is on the grounds for pretty much any reason.
06c - exploring - Cafe
Todays breakfast was Biscuits and Gravy.  Lunch was baked Ziti and Bread.  There are soft drinks, coffee and tea available all day long!!

Next comes the walkway to the sales lot.06d - exploring - Walkway to the Outside Sales Lots

It is impossible to describe how big this lot really is.
There are rows and rows of every type of RV!!

Class B Vans
06e - exploring - Rows of Class Bs

Large and Small Travel Trailers
06f - exploring - Rows of small travel trailers

Gorgeous Class A Diesel Motorhomes06g - exploring - Rows of  top of the line diesel pushers

Class A Gas Motorhomes
06h - exploring - Rows of  top of the mid size gas motorhomes -35ft Winnebago
and on and on…..

Before long, it was time to get some lunch. 
We went by Bay 115 to see how the Journey was doing and she was GONE;o(

So off we went to find her AGAIN!!

Ok, this is a good sign!!
 07 - moved again - facial and checkup
 She is in Bay 511, one of the Crown Club Sites which means they must be getting her all checked out and spruced up before being introduced to us:o))

Knowing all was well,
we headed to lunch at the Crown Club.08 - Time for lunch at the Crown Club

After lunch, we walked over to Camping World. 

Yes, Lazydays has their own Camping World!!

 We spent an hour or so looking around and checking out a few things we might or might not need;o))  While we were there, Tiffany, our Delivery Advisor called to say the work had begun, but would not be completed today;o((

No need to get back to the rig.  So…I headed to a class about tire safety and Nancy went to a class to learn how to cook with the Microwave/Convection Oven.  We may not have our rig, but we will be so ready when we get it!!

Tomorrow, Nancy and I are scheduled for driving school. 
Sure hope we pass—Ha, Ha!!
But most of all we hope to see OUR Journey next to us. 
There is plenty of room for her!!
10 - After Dinner the street where we live


  1. Yippee - it's getting closer for you to have your new home! I love how you keep track of her while she gets all gussied up for you two! So so so so happy for you both!

  2. Wow! A Pedicure! Wonder if she'll get a massage too? ;-)

  3. getting so much closer all the time...

  4. They sure do treat you nicely while you wait! I've heard that driving class is wonderful...enjoy!

  5. This sure is bringing back memories. :-) Y'all sure did a lot of walking when you covered the whole campus. We cheated and rode our bikes around often. The grits at the CC are great and Archie is a hoot. Say hey to Tiffany and Andria for us.

  6. If you don't pass driving school, do you have to give the motorhome back?

    Lazy Days is an amazing place, more RVs than you can possible look at in a single visit. Love that Cmaping World, too.

    Hang in there, the wait is almost over. :c)

  7. What an exciting time for you two!!! Soon you'll be tooling down the highway with those great big smiles. Don't forget to take your time. :)

  8. Lazy days is an amazing place but it is a busy place. Patience is a virtue....

  9. Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? :=)

  10. This is soooo exciting! So happy for you two.

  11. Oh Boy Oh Boy! This is SO exciting. I was wondering where you were going to shower since most folks there aren't in Smaller RVs like yours. I should have known that Lazy Days has EVERYTHING. Glad they are feeding you well and treating your Journey to all the top flight amendments. Hope you are in packing away today.