We’re Outta Here! - Monday - March 19, 2012

The day has finally come to leave our sticks and bricks.

No tears, no emotional ties, no great attachment –

just get in the van and car,

put the keys on the kitchen counter,

leave the back door unlocked

and LEAVE!!

Yes, it was that simple :o))
06 - Closing Garage door last time
We were on the road by 8AM heading toward Florida.

Yesterday, we packed the U-haul trailer, Tahoe and Van with all our worldly goods.

We call the Tahoe the ‘Garage’
since it normally carries our bikes and kayak.

It is packed to the brim!!
02a - Garage is packed02b - Garage is packed

Then there were the PILES of stuff!!01a - Ready to be loaded01b - Ready to be loaded01c - Ready to be loaded01d - Ready to be loaded

Would it all fit in the U-HAUL!!!
03b - Loading the Uhaul

Bill and Bill getting the job done;o))03c - Loading the Uhaul

The Pro Team had room to spare!!
03d - Loading the Uhaul - Leave it to the pros

Yep, we’re all packed and ready to head south:o))04 - Ready to Leave

Just after we finished packing, the new owners came down to take some measurements.  They were as excited as we were about the house—just different perspectives!

Our trip today, was uneventful.  We drove almost 300 miles which is a lot for us.  But we will only have a short distance to go tomorrow :o))

We've stopped in Woodbine, Georgia only 7 miles from the Florida border. The campground, Walkabout, is a Passport America campground less than 1 mile off exit 7 of I-95.

Nothing fancy, but at $16.50 for full hook-ups and free WIFI that was all the ‘IT’ factors we needed.

Neither one of us slept very well last night.  I don’t think that will be a problem tonight.  It’s only 6PM and I am already falling asleep.  A good nights sleep is what we need as tomorrow is a BIG day:o))


  1. Welcome to the ranks of the "houseless" and to the gang of fulltimers! We can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Plus, we're looking forward to seeing it live and in person.

    Have fun fitting all that stuff in the new Journey.

  2. Woohoo!!! Can not wait to see the new home...and you in it!

  3. Houston, we have lift off for a lifestyle change.

  4. WHOOPEEEE!! You did it! You are on your way! And well done........who was your helper? You guys are SO organized. All the stuff you need in those vehicles. Most folks bring the RV to the house and try to cram it in. But not you two. You figure it all out ahead of time and off you go.

    Safe travels - you'll be seeing your new home tomorrow!! Can't wait for you to get the picture up and for us to get back there to see it before you drive off into the sunset.


  5. Well tickle me pink! It sure is good to see this day has come. I like the way you said that the new homeowners are excited but from a different perspective. I think that is so true. Get some sleep now.

  6. We are so happy for you. Full speed ahead and no looking back. You gotta know it's right.

  7. That big smile on Bill's face says it all. Travel safely tomorrow. We'll be waiting for all the pictures of your new home, doncha know???

    Sweet dreams!!!

  8. So very happy for you!!! Just thinking about all of it puts a smile on my face - can only imagine that your cheeks hurt from all that happiness!! Way to go!

  9. Congrats! You drove right by me on your way down 17. Didn't you see my thumb out?

  10. Whoop Whoop! Happy times! Yeah for you both. So so so excited for you two! Safe travels and hope to see you soon!

  11. Very, very cool! We have been following your adventure for a while after the spring rally in TN. Congratulations!

  12. Sounds like our departure from home ... no emotional attachments, just relief that we didn't have to worry about selling it when we got closer to full-timing.

  13. Finally the day has come. Enjoy every minute of the journey!

  14. We're SO excited for you! The long wait to sell your house was worth it. It's kinda like childbirth -- after it's all over, you "forget" how painful it was. Can't wait to see your upcoming, happy posts about moving into your new home!!! -- Dianne

  15. Glad your day has come. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures. Your journey getting here has kept us inspired as we move through the process.

  16. Yay!! We're so excited for you and hoping that our day comes soon, too!!

  17. Congratulations! We're so excited for you! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in your new home.