Garage Sale Day - Saturday - March 10, 2012

Today was our Garage Sale!!  We had advertised on Craigslist and The Sun News (local Myrtle Beach paper) that the sale would start at 7AM and end at 1PM. We had prepared all the stuff in the garage yesterday, so today we just needed to open the door.

I got up a little after 5AM and Nancy had already showered and dressed.  She said she tossed and turned a lot last night and didn’t get a good nights sleep;o(  I, on the other hand, slept like a rock.  Anyhow, I was enjoying my coffee when a car pulled up in front of our house with his lights on and just sat there.  It was 6:15AM and I was not about to open the garage door and start the sale in the dark – Sheesh!!!

We opened the garage door a little before 7AM. 

Set up and Ready to go!!
01 - Set up and ready to go02 - Table&Chairs, TV, Ships03 - Kitchen, Golf, Misc

We had lots of stuff.  However, we told our neighbors if they wanted to sell anything just bring it over.  I helped Ed from across the street get rid of some his is stuff.05 - Helping Ed add his stuff

When we opened, business was brisk.  The very first thing to sell was our folding table and chairs.  That meant that all the small appliances now were displayed on the garage floor.  It turned out that NONE of the small appliances ever sold…even at $5.00.  I guess people just don’t cook anymore.

We had a lot of traffic and sold most everything by 11:00.  Nancy and I were both pleased.  We had hoped to sell the TV for more than $100. But we knew if we didn’t the new owner agreed to pay us $100 for it.

All that was left – TV and Small Appliances07-Not Much Left

We moved the TV back to its spot in the living room.  The rest of the stuff went in the back of the car and I took it to the local Salvation Army Store.


We have no more to give away or sell. There may be a few things yet to get rid of if they don’t fit in our new motorhome.

Room for the vehicles to move back into the garage!11 - Everything back to normal

House is empty and ready for its new owners!12 -IT's EMPTY!!

So we traded all this….
01 - Garage Sale Stuff

For all this…

Which we will trade for the important stuff - LIKE…

New Outdoor Loungers
00e-outdoor recliner

New Patio Awning Lights
00b-Flamingo Awning Lights

New Camping Flags
00c-Garden Flags

and New Redneck Beverage Dispensers...
That's if we can convince Gail, of Rick and Gail,
to make them for us;o))

We will be tying up the loose ends with the house during the next couple of days.  Then we’ll be off to Florida to get our NEW HOME. 

We can hardly wait!!!!


  1. Love the flamingo lights and the flags! Very neat! I still say that Gail and Rick should teach the Carolina Clan how to make the redneck drinking glasses when we meet in November!

  2. Haha! I think we just might have to have an arts and crafts class :)
    Glad the sale went so well. Looking forward to your post from Florida :)
    Travel safely!

  3. Well done!! And you've got the money spent already. Good job!!

    Can't wait to see you and hear about your embarking on Full Timing stint #2. BIG HUGS from here in Florida where we are waiting for you!!!

  4. Woohoo! Good for you. Beautiful day for a garage sale too. Now you can pack away all the fun things you buy with the profits :)

  5. Lets all sing "We're in the money...." Congrats, another step closer

  6. Who are you trying to kid? With all that money, you might be able to buy a gallon or two of diesel! ;c)

  7. Well, well. The time is quickly approaching. Can ya see us smilin' for ya? It gives us the warm fuzzies knowing that this final big step is being taken. Safe travels and give Sherry and David hugs.

  8. Great job! We actually used our garage sale/craig's list/Ebay proceeds to pay for our Motosat system and computer - things we use every day, as opposed to "stuff" we scarcely glanced at anymore. I don't miss any of it!! We are thrilled watching your progress, and so excited for your upcoming motor home move! -- Dianne & Roger