Sunday Morning Bike Ride -- Sunday -- June 26, 2011

Nancy here: Well, this is my second attempt to get this blog posted. Somehow, the first one would not upload from Live Writer nor could I save it in Live Writer. Some “Format Error cannot Save” error message!!    WHATEVER ;o((

So here we go only 4 days late……..

This morning we did our customary 20 mile bike ride as we do almost every Sunday morning. We loaded up the bikes and drove to Huntington State Park just after 6 AM to start our ride. This time of year we get an early start to beat the heat of the day and today the temperature was to be in the mid 90’s. So, the early ride was perfect – no wind and we rode mostly in the shade.

Heading out just as the sun was rising!

Birds gathering on the Causeway.

We stopped numerous times so Nancy could take pictures of the flowers and wildlife.

You can guarantee that there will be plenty of alligators this time of year. 
 Unlikely FRIENDS!!

We always enjoy pedaling the bike path at Huntington State Park.
Bike Path Bridge across the Salt Marsh

After we ride the bike path, we cross over Hwy 17 and ride up Sandy Island Road to the Sandy Island boat launch.
Sharing Sandy Island Road with another cyclist.

Approaching the end of Sandy Island Road
This is proof that Nancy really was with me ;o))

Want to buy a Boat???
The one on the far right comes with a tree growing in it for shade!!!
We reversed our route and headed back toward the state park. We did put the pedal to the metal several times and Nancy told me after the ride that her top speed was almost 19 mph (actually 18.7).
Wouldn’t want to get a speeding ticket ;o))

What a beautiful morning for a ride!
Tomorrow we have two scheduled showings for our house. The first at 10:30 to 11:30 and the second from 11:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon. The house is in show condition! Now all we need is a buyer who can appreciate a well-kept beach house. Since we switched Realtors we have had four showings in less than two weeks. I am impressed with the aggressiveness of our new Realtor.

We’re hoping that one of these days we will get a decent offer (actually I’d like to get any offer). With Nancy’s shoulder surgery scheduled in a couple of weeks the timing couldn’t be better. Nothing would please us more than selling the house and getting Nancy retired from Home Depot. Then --- the next phase of our adventure would start. We have our fingers crossed as full timing can’t be very far ahead.

Wish Us Luck!


  1. Well I am VERY impressed with your early morning bike riding. You two are in just the shape you need to be in to take full advantage of full timing. So I am SOOOO wishing you luck with these showings. Sounds like you picked a good realtor Bill.

    As for Blogger and Live Writer........I definitely sympathize. I had one hell of a time posting this comment. I logged into google over nad over but it still kept trying to post it as anonymous. I may be a lot of things but anonymous isn't one of them. :-)

  2. Good luck on the showings and the shoulder surgery. Can't wait for you guys to get on the road will love it!

  3. Good Luck! You know we wish you the very best of luck. We sure hope something happens soon :)

    Sorry Live Writer and Blogger are giving you a problem. The last time I got crazy messages like that, I rebooted my computer and that solved everything. Go figure. (
    Be sure to copy and paste into another document though if it won't save a local draft.)

  4. Fingers and toes crossed here! We also have several showings coming up this weekend, and hoping for good things!

  5. Good luck with your showings!! Fingers are crossed here, hoping for an offer for you! :)

  6. Oh boy!! Two showings! It looks like you got the right realtor this time. Good luck, and have a good 4th!

  7. We are thinking about you two. Good news if you are getting people into your house. Good Luck!

  8. We're pulling for you! We hope that new realtor is the miracle worker to get that buyer you've been looking for all this time.

    We understand your frustration. Our realtor is already saying we need to lower our price and the house hasn't been on the market three weeks yet. Sometimes you wonder how these realtors make a living.

    Great pix on your bike ride, if those gators start chasing you can you exceed the 19 mph speed limit??? ;c)

  9. Looked like a nice, peaceful bike ride.

    That's excellent news on the number of showings for your house!! Our fingers are crossed, and we're wishing you the BEST of luck!!!

  10. Nancy and Bill,
    What a beautiful bike ride! Hope the house showings went well and there is an offer in the near future.