Kayaking With The Osprey - Friday - June 3, 2011

Nancy Here:  Last week, Bill took some time to check out some new spots to launch the Kayak. This one, Enterprise Boat Landing, is very close to our home.  So today, we decided to do a little exploring. 

We put the Sea Eagle in at the lower X, paddled across the Intercoastal Waterway and up a tidal creek to the upper X, about 2 miles before turning around.01 - Enterprise to Peachtree route map
The Intercoastal Waterway heads to the right and we headed to the left in this picture.02 - View north at landing
Bill is setting our GPS and getting ready to launch.03 - Bill getting ready to launch
Entering the Tidal Creek.04 - Crossing Intercoastal to Tidal Creek
As soon as we enter the creek, we saw this sign that indicated the surrounding area was a wildlife refuge. 
Well… we liked that stroke of luck!!!05 - NWR Sign
Our first encounter was this Red-Headed Woodpecker who hung around until we got closer than it liked.06 - Woodpecker07 - Woodpecker in flight
From this point on, it should have been called “Osprey Town.”  We saw 4 occupied Osprey nests and one that was just being built.  If you love watching Osprey, which we do, it was an amazing paddle.

Osprey Nest One08 - First Oprey Nest with bird
Paddling past the Cypress Trees and Knees09 - Cypress Trees and Knees
Osprey Nest Two11- Second Osprey Nest
As we approached this nest, the Osprey took off.  This happened over and over as if they were trying to divert our attention away from the nest.10 - Flying Osprey
Paddling past the Lily Pads.12 - Paddling Past the Lilypads
As we rounded the corner, we saw an Osprey perched on a branch.13 - Osprey in Tree
Here he is a little closer. 
14 - Osprey in Tree Closeup
We knew there must be a nest close by and sure enough….
high on an overhanging tree was Osprey Nest Three
with the mate on the nest.
15 - Third Osprey Nest
As we approached the third nest, the perched Osprey took to flight and return to the nest.16 - Osprey in Flight
What perfect timing for us to get this photo!!17 - Osprey landing in third nest
Continuing on, we came upon Osprey Nest Four.  We decided to take a little break and sit and observe for awhile….18 - Fourth Osprey Nest
Well, Mr. or Mrs. Osprey did not think that was a good idea. Repeatedly, it left the nest, circled above our heads, squawked at us before returning  to the nest.  Obviously it wasn’t ready for company.19 - Osprey overhead20 - Osprey returning to nest
We continued on and paddled about 2 miles up the tidal creek before turning around and heading back.  Of course, we got to see all our Osprey friends on the return trip as well.  In addition, we saw this Osprey gathering building material for its new nest.21 - Osprey with nest supplies
You can see the loose twigs he has gathered, but boy will it take a lot more material to build this nest.  We are always amazed at the size of an Osprey nest. I did a little research and found out that these nest are used year after year.  Boy, that is a relief to know they don’t have to rebuild each year!!22 - Osprey building new nest
This one has caught lunch!!23 - Osprey with fish
We past this tree which reminded us of the singing trees in the Tiki Bird Adventure in Disney World.  We expected it to break into song or something!24 - Disney talking tree
Turtle enjoying a beautiful day.25 - Turtle
Pretty Blue Water Flowers26 - Pretty Blue Wildflowers
We didn’t see another boat on the tidal creek, but as we approached the Intercoastal Waterway on our return trip, we had to wait for some bigger boat traffic to pass.  This was a Friday so not too many boats, but on a weekend, it can get a little crazy.27 - approaching the Intercoastal waterway28 - more boats on intercoastalWe made it across and carried the Sea Eagle to the car. I love this photo… looks like we just hitch the Sea Eagle to the back of the Tahoe and pull it home like the motorboats do ;o))29 - towing the Sea Eagle
This was a fantastic kayak trip and we will be back to check out some other tidal creeks in this area.  Like I said before, we are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to visit in our own backyard!!


  1. Nancy, again, terrific pictures! You're getting to be quite the photographer. George & I haven't gotten the Sea Eagle out this season. We've been so busy with the house! I want to soon though.

  2. Incredable pictures, taken from your boat, no less!

    If I tried to do that, there'd be a lot of water between the subject and the camera lens... ;c)

    Paul and Marti (Still having Blogger comment problems)

  3. You do really have some awesome spots in your own backyard! I am jealous...we have only been in our Sea Eagle once! It has either been too cold or raining this spring. I'm sure our time will come soon :)