Our Anniversary – 41 Years and Going Strong – Monday – June 13, 2011

Today Nancy and I celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary!  We have known each other since we were 5 years old, growing up just a few blocks from each other and have been best friends for as long as I can remember.

Nancy here: I was looking for a photo of us on our wedding day but realized that those photos were taken way before digital photos and have not been scanned yet.  Actually, those albums are packed away and stored at our daughters house.  So the oldest photo I have of us is from January 2000 when we started our first full timing adventure!BILL AND NANCY RV SWEATSHIRTSThought I share the original full timing rig as well.  A 30ft Sea Breeze Fifth Wheel and a Dodge F250... it was a little bigger than the VAN ;o))The 4 Sea Breezes

How are we celebrating? Well, we exchanged cards and then went on our morning power walk. After that, Nancy had to go to work and I had to meet with our “new” real estate agent to sign the listing papers for our house. Not exactly like our honeymoon, but sometimes life can get in the way ;o))

We have been thru good times and a few not so good times in those 41 years. Right now, we are trying to sell house #17 (yes, that’s #17), so we have lived in a lot of places along the East coast. One thing that we could always count on was each other. No matter where we lived or the situation we were dealing with we always had someone to turn to for advice, comfort or just to talk to. Nancy feels like an extension of me – she knows what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling and could answer my sentences most of the time. Sometimes that is a little scary, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our daughter’s wedding anniversary is tomorrow and our son’s anniversary is Friday, so you can tell we’ve been blessed with a great family.
Brian and Chris’ Wedding – Dominican RepublicBrian, Chris, Bill, Nancy, Julie, SteveBill, Nancy, Brian, Chris (DIL), Julie, Steve (SIL)
We wish our children a Happy Anniversary and hope they have a long and loving relationship like we’ve enjoyed.

To Nancy... my wife, my partner, my best friend and loving companion –  “I love you honey and I hope we have many more years of sharing our love.”

Happy Anniversary!

Nancy here:  Bill and I are not big celebrators of special dates.  We try to just enjoy whatever time we get to spend together doing the things we love to do.  I have to say that being married to your best friend is the most special gift a girl could get.  Our life together has been a wonderful adventure and I am so excited to see where our adventure leads us in the years ahead!!



  1. Happy Anniversary, and very best wishes for many, many more!!

  2. This is so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye for sure. You guys are so special, and I'm glad that you are making it in this crazy world! Happy Anniversary :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! :) Glad to hear you had a nice day, even if it was a little on the "normal" side!! Hope today is the first day of another wonderful year!

  4. Happy Anniversary you two! I know you will have many more... There is nothing like spending your life with your best friend!!!

    I can't wait to see y'all again!

    e-Shy :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to the Eternal Teenagers!

    May your next one be on the road!

    Paul & Marti

  6. That was the sweetest tribute to each other...Happy Anniversary!

  7. What a great post! Congratulations to two of my very favorite people!

  8. Happy Anniversary you two! And many, many more!!