Visiting Little Pee Dee SP With An ‘Older’ Woman – Thursday – June 23, 2011

Yesterday was Nancy’s 62nd birthday!! So, what did we do???  Well, Nancy went to see her Orthopedic Surgeon to check out her shoulder and then she got a haircut.  Back home, we had another house showing…but still no offer.  Perhaps that is for the best right now. Nancy is going to have shoulder surgery on July 15th to remove the rod and screws that were put there as a result of the bicycle accident we had when she ran into me back in 2008 ;o(( Seems she has some screws loose… (hey, the doctor said that not me) and they are causing some pain and numbness in her arm. Now for the good birthday news… Nancy is eligible to collect Social Security anytime now:o))))
Happy Birthday, Nancy!!!

Today, we did our power walk and then decided to go visit another one of South Carolina’s State Parks – Little Pee Dee State Park.  It is only about 70 miles from our house, but we’ve never been there. Our research indicated the park has a lake and a campground with water and electric hook-ups.  We wanted to check it out for future camping and kayaking possibilities.  The fact that it was 98 degrees today was a good reason to drive in our air conditioned Tahoe and just relax!!
01 - Hwy 41 Mullins SCGoing through Mullins, SC on Rt. 41

02 - Hwy 41 Mullins SC Building MuralMural of Tobacco Farming

03 - Hwy 41 Mullins SC Train DepotMullins Train Depot

06 - Little Pee Dee Entrance SignEntrance to State Park

07 - Driving through Little Pee Dee SPDriving into the State Park

08 - Entering Little Pee Dee SP CampgroundEntering the Campground

09 - Site 8  Campground Favorite SiteSite 8 – Our Favorite
The campground is rustic and in the trees…nice. There are about 80 sites: half water and electric, half just water.  The cost is $17.00 for W&E and $13.00 water only.
10 - Boat Landing and Little Lake NortonLake Norton Boat Launch Area

11 - Lake Norton toward campgroundThe small lake, Lake Norton, was very shallow and loaded with Lilli-pads and grasses.  We have not had much rain in the past month and the water levels were way down. 12 - Lake Norton DamVery little water flowing over Lake Norton Dam!!

All in all, a nice state park, but not as nice as Cheraw SP, Huntington Beach SP or Myrtle Beach SP.  For us, we would drive an extra hour and go to Cheraw:o)))

We took a different route home.  We came across route 9 to the north.  I have wanted to check out a boat landing area on the Waccamaw River for some time. 
18 - Rt 9 Boat Landing Sign
19a - Rt 9 Boat Landing rampBoat Ramp

19b - Rt 9 Boat Waccamaw River toward Rt 9View to the north toward Rt. 9

19c - Rt 9 Boat Waccamaw River to southView to the south

We found very low water levels here as well.  But I do think when the levels get back up, this could be a nice spot to float the Sea Eagle!!

We got home and had a very early dinner since we had skipped lunch and just filled up on cool water. We had a great summer dinner…baked potato, corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden and fruited jello salad.  It really hit the spot.
Great way to spend a VERY hot summer day!!


  1. Happy birthday, Nancy! You hit that magic age :) Good luck with the shoulder surgery.

  2. Thanks for showing us the Pee Dee State Park. I was wondering if a big rig could get in there. It's been dry here too.
    I think I know where that boat ramp is. We found it the day before we left the RV-Dreams Rally in 2010. Wish we had found it earlier because it looks like a good kayaking area.



  3. Happy Birthday Nancy! Don't forget to go get your golden age passport too :) The only thing better than wonderful COE parks are getting them for half price!
    Good luck on the shoulder surgery. Maybe that will be what it takes to sell the house. It'll be an inconvenient time so, of course, it would happen then :)

  4. We pass by that campground every time we come home from Myrtle Beach SP or Huntington Beach SP.
    Thanks for the info, now we know! No more "I wonder what that park is like":)

    Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!!! I hope your surgery goes well and the recovery even better!

    We can not wait for our trip to Cheraw!!!


  5. Happy Birthday Nancy! Enjoy those social security bennies, you've earned them.

    When are you pulling the plug? You've got those 1/2 price National Park admissions to use now. :c)

    Paul & Marti

  6. Happy Birthday Nancy! Good luck with the shoulder surgery.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday younger sister. Hmmmm I guess you'll never get to be older in that sense will you! :-)

    Shoulder Surgery. OUCH! Hope it's quick and as painless as possible.

    AND remember your park pass gets those $9 rates WITH ELECTRICITY at Zion & South Rim and $7.50 at Bryce for boondocking.

    Now you guys are pretty picky about State Parks I see. Little Pee Dee site 8 look fabulous to me but then anything on the water would at this point. Time for a week-end trip to your closest National Park/Monument whatever to get THE Pass!!

    Tell Bill to give you a BIG birthday hug from me!

  8. PS.
    Just realized some years you are a Summer Solstice baby. No wonder you have such SPARK!!

  9. Happy belated birthday Nancy with best wishes for many, many more!!!

    We also send you well wishes for your shoulder surgery.

  10. Thanks to all for the good wishes:o))

    I figure if I get some surgery scheduled, that will be a sure fire way to get an offer on the house;o))

    Poor Nancy won't be able to help pack and help move out of here;o)))

    Sherry, you are 8 was a great site, but the lake was not really large enough or grassless enough to get the kayak out. Also there was just one short trail to explore. Cheraw has a lot more to offer and only has 16 sites which mean less people!!!!

    I plan on pulling the plug as soon as the house sells... Oh and that can't be too soon!!!