Another Open House – Another Bust! - Sunday - June 5, 2011


Papaw's  NOT  Happy!!!

We had another open house today to try and generate some action for the sale of our house. It was a bust!  We only had three couples come through.  I know, I only takes one!?!?! However, the first couple was our neighbors just scouting for friends. The second couple was looking for something a lot smaller (1200 – 1400 sq. ft.) and ours is almost 2500 sq. ft. The third couple was looking for a home for the future two or three years from now.
That’s 0 for 3!
A real strikeout
as Howard Payne would say – sheesh!

Our house will be on the market for a year this coming week with very little activity over that time. The word frustration doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.
I know the market is bad with all the short sales and foreclosures.

I know we live in a fairly upscale neighborhood with homes in the $300,000 + range in South Carolina.

I know we have limited clientele (retirees or those from the North looking for a second home)...

BUT...c’mon folks we live only a couple miles from the beach in a beautiful community just south of Myrtle Beach.

What I can’t figure out (or understand) is why the Realtors continue to do only the same things they did when times were good?!?!?!
Where’s the aggressive marketing?
Where’s the entrepreneurial effort?
Where’s the thinking out of the box?
Why aren’t they trying something different?

Coming from a sales and marketing background I can only assume they are not the major breadwinners in the family trying to support a family. I really don’t get it!

Our contract with the current realtor expires this week and we’ve made the decision to not renew the contract. Our realtor has a good track record selling new homes (we bought our home through her). However, all she says is the market is killing her sales. Nancy and I figured with my sales background perhaps, I should take a stab at selling our home without a realtor. We can start by saving the 6% commission. We have talked about taking it off the market for a while, but, we are both anxious to get Nancy retired and get on the road full-timing. As long as we own the house – that ain’t going to happen! Sooooo – we will continue to keep the house in show condition and I will try and figure out how to sell it.

Nancy has said over and over again “Things happen for a reason and the house will sell when it’s supposed to sell.” I just want to improve our odds to speed up the process.

Having said all that and vented my disappointment – tomorrow is another day. So, if there is anyone out there looking for move-in condition home close to the beach, beautiful state parks, world famous gardens, and outstanding seafood restaurants – we’re dealing!

Today’s House Photo!!
11c - Front of House


  1. Raffle it off! I don't know if it's allowed in SC, but there have been others that have successfully done just that. They sell a set amount of tickets at say, $100 each, and once that many are sold, the winning ticket is drawn.

    It's a beautiful home. Good luck!

  2. Keep up the faith! If my house in a crappy neighborhood can sell, so can yours :)

  3. Oh-h-h, I feel your pain!! Brings back very frustrating memories for us. It took 18 months for us. We DID switch realtors and are glad we did. The second one was a former teacher for Roger who was a real go-getter. The most painful part was lowering the price, though!!

  4. I know it's a lot of work to sell on your own, but at this point, what can you lose? I think that's the right approach to take and get rid of your realtor.

    There must be other hungry realtors out there that would be much more proavtive. Sorry it is so frustrating. The house does look beautiful.

    Paul & Marti

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I just can't believe your real estate agent is doing the best s/he can with such a terrific house.

    I think you could sell the dickens out of anything Bill. Wonder if you could change realtors to one with a shorter contract and more "go-get-em" AND work it on your own or is that against the "rules"??


  6. We empathize with you. Your house really is gorgeous, so it's perplexing why it hasn't sold yet. But hang in there. It WILL sell!!!

  7. Just a couple suggestions, enter your MLS number on google, see if anything comes up as for sale. Then google your address on google maps, see if it comes up for sale, then do a search on google for properties for sale in, (your town name) and see if your place comes up on that search. Try searching your property on, a very important real estate site.
    If not, your not getting the coverage you need.
    Find a really big realtor in your are and google a few of their listings to see if they are out there, as well as Zillow.
    In these tight markets, you have to have maximum coverage.
    Also, the words: "Seller Motivated" will get you lots of low offers, but then you can counter.
    Just a few ideas from those who have "been there".
    Full Time Road Warriors

  8. I could not agree more. Save the 6%. It gives you more room on the price.