Visiting the Grandchildren -- Tuesday & Wednesday -- June 28-29, 2011

Nancy had a couple days off from work  so we had made arrangements to visit with our daughter, Julie and her husband, Steve and our four grandchildren. The three oldest – Andrew, Daniel and Emily all swim on their local swim team, The Bedford Sharks. They had a swim meet scheduled for Tuesday evening.
We left the house at mid-morning for the trip to Raleigh. We stopped at a rest stop just outside of Fayetteville, NC to enjoy the packed lunch that Nancy had made. We had all the homegrown fixin’s for a tomato & cucumber sandwich including (to my surprise) salt & pepper. This time of the year it’s hard to beat a newly picked tomato and cucumber sandwich. Sitting at a picnic table under the trees with a little breeze, we really enjoyed the lunch. 01 - Lunch 102 - lunch 2Even though we could hear the I-95 traffic zipping up the highway, we had a lovely setting for our short rest.

We arrived at their home early afternoon.  First thing we had to do was see the girls new bedroom.  They were so excited about their princess room!!
03 - bedroom 104 - bedroom 2Pink, Purple and Princesses!!

Shortly after we arrived we could hear thunder in the distance. By 5 0’clock the lightning and thunder was all around, so the swim meet was called off. We spent the evening playing games and reading with the grandkids – not a bad tradeoff!!

05 - ReadingThere is always one more Dora book to be read!!

06 - SudukoSudoku anyone???

On Wednesday morning we went with the kids up to their pool where they had swim team practice. Several lanes are used for swim team, but the rest of the pool can be used by others. So we got to see them swim and play around in the water with them.

07 - Andrew 1Andrew swimming his laps.

08 - Andrew 2Andrew down the waterslide!!

09 - Daniel 1Daniel swimming his laps.

10 - Daniel 2Daniel down the waterslide!!

11 - Emily 1Emily off the starting blocks.

12 - Emily 2Emily swimming her laps!!

Little Samantha is only four and too young for swim team this year. But she is determined to keep up with her older siblings.  Judging by what we saw she will be ready to go next year!!

13 - Samantha 1Samantha hitting the water!!

14 - Samantha 2Samantha practicing her swimming!!

I said to Emily and Samantha that they swim just like fish. I was quickly corrected by the girls and told that they swim like MERMAIDS!!

15 - Samantha16 - EmilySorry girls, I meant well!

Our two day visit was a short one, but, when it’s filled with hugs and kisses for Grandmom and Grandpop it’s always a nice feeling.  We drove home with smiles on our faces looking forward to seeing them down here in July. A wonderful time with the family as always!

Nancy here:  Thanks for all the good wishes about us selling the house.  We will need your positive vibes for a while longer.  No offers were made from this weeks visits.  Feedback from one viewer was that the house was beautiful, but they decided to build a new house. The other viewer had a larger family and felt the house wasn’t big enough.  So we continue to wait for the one BUYER!!  Still we are please with our realtor and he has been much more aggressive than our previous realtor.  He just posted a video of our home.  So if you know of anyone looking for a great home near the beach….  here is the link!!


  1. Nice video of the house. I agree, your realtor is much more aggressive. Good luck, and happy 4th!

  2. I was a high school swim coach in my younger days. I also coached the age-group feeder program with the little kids. Your swimming visit brings back some good memories. Sorry about the house. It will sell!

  3. Visiting the grandchildren is always so much fun for us too. We also have 4. It's a constant whirlwind of activity! That princess bedroom looks very much like one we've seen recently :) It must be a little girl thing...right down to the pink and purple :)

    We'll keep sending positive vibes until that house is gone!

    This is my second attempt to post a comment so if you get 2, please delete one :)

  4. Looks like good times with the grand kids. It is good that you are getting showings.

  5. Can't beat fun time with the grandkids!! That pool sure looks refreshing on these hot summer days!

    Nice video done by your realtor. We're continuing to send you good vibes and know that your house will sell!

  6. What a great time with your fish and mermaids. They are so great at those ages.

    Video looks great too. And you seem to have done a top job in picking a new realtor. Won't be long now.

  7. They're not grandchildren, they are grandfish! ;c)

    They sure do like the water, don't they?

    Really liked the video of your house, great marketing idea, your realtor did a nice job. Hope it is the thing that makes a sale!

  8. I tried to find an email for you. Thanks for the heads up about travelwithwhippets. They're sitting RIGHT behind us here in Aune-Osborn campground, MI. Thanks!!!!