Huntington Beach, Part 3 - Sunday - May 22, 2010

Nancy here:  This is the third part of our nature adventures at Huntington Beach SP. 
I had the entire day off which rarely happens on Sunday. Early this morning, we did a long bike ride.  Then we just chilled at home and decided to do a walk on the beach at Sunset. In all the years that we have been coming to Huntington Beach SP, we have never walked out on the jetty which actually creates Murrells Inlet.  So tonight, we were going to do just that!!

As we crossed the causeway coming into the state park, we saw this Wood Stork!! 
Click on any photo to enlarge.
01 - Causeway - Wood Stork
We drove to the northern parking lot, walked to the beach and headed north toward the jetty that forms Murrells Inlet. Below is a map of our walk, about 4 miles round-trip.00 - Route Map
View of the jetty as we headed up the beach.04 - Walking towards the jetty
Sanderlings03a - Sanderlings
Jelly Fish stuck on the beach.05 - Jelly Fish on Beach
Walk This Way!!06 - Sea Gulls - Walk this way
07 - Nesting Bird Warning Sign
Shorebird nesting area and jetty in the background.07a - Nesting Bird Area
Loggerhead Turtle Cage to protect the eggs.08 - Loggerhead turtle nesting cage warning
We spoke to the fisherman in the picture below.  He had several fishing poles, but one was the longest we had ever seen… 15ft. long… WOW!!!
“The Longest Pole”09 - Fisherman heading in off jetty
Approaching the Jetty10 - The Jetty - Approaching
On the Jetty10b - The Jetty - Walking Out
Looking at Garden City across Murrells Inlet10c - The Jetty - Garden City across Murrells Inlet
Jetty on the Garden City side of Murrells Inlet10c2 - The Jetty - Garden City side of inlet
Large Catamaran anchored in Murrells Inlet09c - Catamaran anchored in inlet
Biking the Jetty ?!?!10d - The Jetty - Cyclist while walking
Fisherman having a GREAT day!!10e - The Jetty - Fisherman catching Spanish MackeralBill stopped to talk with him and found out that he had been catching Spanish Mackerels non-stop.  There is a limit of 12 per license, so he had to fillet his 12 in order to carry them home.  I’m sure the Sea Birds will be feasting tonight on the remains!!
10g - The Jetty - Spanish Mackeral Filleted
While Bill watched the fisherman, I continued out to the very end of the jetty.  There I saw birds I had never seen before.  I had no idea what they were.  Once I did some Internet research, I found out they are Ruddy Turnstones.11 - Ruddy Turnstone
Here’s a closer look.
11b - Ruddy Turnstone - Closeup 2
The sun was starting to set,
so we left the jetty and headed back to the car. 
Along the way,
I saw this collection of broken beach beauties.   12c - shells a little bit of everything
Sun going down13b - Sunset
Day is Done!13d - SunsetAnother beautiful day!!

Well, I did this entire blog in Live Writer and then up-loaded it to blogger.  Definitely easier to add photos, but another plus is the fact that I have a copy of the blog on my hard drive.  That way I can back it up and have it in case something happens and blogger loses some blogs.  
I just can’t imagine that ever happening ;o)))


  1. I'm enjoying the pictures! Such beauty in our world of wildlife, and the water is great.

  2. Loved the "walk this way" pic. Actually, loved all of them.

  3. More great photos! I can't imagine blogger ever losing anything either Nancy! LOL!

  4. Blogger has been having trouble lately. Hope they get it all worked out.
    I really like the picture of the three Sanderlings.

  5. Really nice pictures Nancy. Glad you like Live Writer. Blogger lose someone's blog? Surely you jest!!


  6. Nice walk- thanks for taking us along. I need to get on the live writer. Blogger and I don't always get along.