Shoulder Rehab and House Update - Sunday - August 7, 2011

It’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve written a blog and Nancy left me a note before she went to work to write one. It’s not that there is nothing going on – it’s really that I’ve been too lazy to write. Nancy’s shoulder surgery was a success! She is working her buns off to get more mobilization with her left arm and shoulder. A little thing like removing an 8 inch titanium rod and five screws from her arm is not going to keep her down.

On a daily basis, Nancy goes through an hour of stretching and weights to improve the strength and flexibility in her shoulders. After that, depending on the day and what hours she is working, she powerwalks with me outside or goes to the clubhouse to ride the stationary bikes or hikes the mountain as she calls it on the treadmill. That last one is a killer… she sets the treadmill on a slight incline and increases a half a degree each 5 minutes. Doesn’t sound like much until you get up to 8-9 degrees of incline…ouch!! She refuses to let a little thing like shoulder surgery get in her way. She is one determined lady! She can hardly wait to hike, bike and kayak again. Three weeks down…three weeks to go. Then she can do all those things again!!

For those who are joining us at Cheraw State Park in September, we can’t wait and we will be ready to enjoy kayaking and hiking and laughing :o))

Here are a few pictures from last years trip to Cheraw.08 - Sunset Thursday night13 - Friday Walk to the dam - view of bridge over dam13 - Friday Walk to the dam - view of bridge over dam from below13 - Friday Walk to the dam - view of lake14 - Saturday - Kayaking - 6 - into the cypress treesIt is a beautiful State Park!! I just checked the Cheraw SP web site and there are still 4 sites available if anyone is interested in joining the gang.  Nancy and I will be there from Thursday, Sept 8th and leave on Monday, Sept 12th.  Some are coming earlier and staying longer!

As far as the selling of our house goes we have mixed emotions. On the positive side we have had eleven (11) showings since we contracted with a new Real Estate agent on the 14th of June with the 12th showing already scheduled for this week. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we have not received one offer! The feedback on our showings has also been positive – the house shows like a model home and the price is right. 11c - Front of House10 - Screen Porch10b - Screen Porch and PatioThat being said, I don’t know why we haven’t gotten an offer, even a low-ball offer. I called our agent and asked “Why?” The answer always seems to be the same – “maybe we should drop the price.”

At this point, I am going to take editorial license and vent my feelings. We have had two homes in our neighborhood go under contract in the last month – one higher priced than ours and one lower priced than ours. They are the first homes in a year that have sold. So, there is hope. However, our agent suggested that maybe we should lower our list price by 5 %. We have lowered it twice before, so, I suggested to him that we would lower the price if he was willing to lower his commission. That was a big NO from him! So, lowering the price from me was also a big NO. If I honestly believed that our home was overpriced I would lower it immediately, but, the feedback says it’s not. As long as we get lots of showings I think our position is to stand pat on the price. I just wish the agents would suggest something other than lowering the price. I was so frustrated (angry) and asked him what other ideas or solutions (other than dropping the price) he was going to change to market our home. I got the standard “I will continue to call and get as many qualified showings and hopefully get you an offer.” As Howard Payne would say “sheesh!”

Bottom line is that we will keep the house in show condition and keep our fingers crossed. As Nancy says “it will happen when it’s supposed to happen.” Sometimes, I hate it when I know she’s right!!!


  1. With Nancy's hard work on the rehab, she'll be able to punch my lights out in no time!

    I am puzzled by the real estate market in our area, too. In our development, all the forclosed and short sale houses went months ago. Recently three homes on our block went in just days, including the exact model as ours with a smaller, hilly lot, for $20K more than we listed ours. Since then, we've dropped our price $20K, have had now over a dozen showings without a single offer. I have checked our house on Zillow and we are priced right.

    I think we're competing with a bunch of new homes going up in our area that are throwing in all kinds of inducments, even though they are mostly vertical 3 story homes on postage stamp sized lots, you can barely get your hand between them.

    We had two showings today (Sunday) which tells me there is still interest in our home.

    I think we need to come down and visit you guys so we can cry on each other's shoulders. ;c)
    Actually, you've been a tremendous encouragement to us, thanks so much!

  2. Well Nancy - YOU GO GIRL!!! What a role model you are!!!

    Your house is absolutely gorgeous and I know how frustrated you and the Dahls both are by the standard lower the price response. I sure can see what rip it is to have to sign with a specific realtor for a specific period of time and then get the "you lower the price but I won't lower my commission" line. I do think so many showings is a good sign.

    Do you know how long the other two houses were on the market? Wonder who the 2 or 4 realtors involved in the sale are?

    I'm definitely visualizing Nancy kayaking all over that lake in September and a For Sale sign on your lawn.

  3. Glad to hear the rehab is going good. I know Nancy is one tough lady.
    We had 2 showings this weekend but we try not to get our hopes up. Like you, no offers, but it'll happen when it happens. I think if the price was too high, there wouldn't be anyone interested in looking at the house in the first place.
    Can hardly wait til September!
    Syl & Gin

  4. Good job, Nancy! You will be back to top form in no time. Sorry to hear about your frustrations with the house. We went through the same thing (changing realtors and lowering the price, twice) before the right buyer finally came along. It will happen.

  5. Sorry we can't see you in SC. We decided to head for TX after visiting my brother in OH because living for TX is essentially free for us. The political/downgrade debacle was not kind to us, so we may be traveling less. We are hoping to go to the RV Dreams Rally in TX next spring. Do you think you will go?

  6. Paul and Marti...
    Hey, no crying allowed...but come on down and we will just have a good time:o)))

    The houses that sold had been on the market just slightly less than a year. Don't know the realtor that sold them. But it is a good sign that something has sold.

    Roger and Diane...
    We keep remembering your 18 month time frame and that helps us be patient. Sorry you have to curtail travel, but this too shall pass. The market goes up and the market goes down. We know we haven't really lost anything unless we sell when it is down;o)) So hunker down and wait for it to go back up. We do not know where we will be next spring. We would love to think we will have sold the house and planning a trip to Alaska;o))) If not, we may just head to TX;o))

  7. On the positive side, you now have less competition in your area and you are getting lots of showings. Hang in there!

  8. Glad to hear Nancy's rehab is going so well. We really admire her determination. She'll be better than new in no time!

    There's obvious interest in your house with the number of showings that you've had recently. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that your house sells soon!

  9. We are counting the days until we see everyone in Cheraw!! CAN'T WAIT!
    Jill & Paul

  10. Glad to hear Nancy's rehab is going well...keep at it! Cheraw SP looks beautiful...another place we have to see!
    Hang in there...your house will sell (very frustrating for you though!) Just will all happen at once and then you will be super busy with all the details of moving!