Sprucing up the Yard - Tuesday - August 16, 2011

Today the weather finally dropped to the mid 80’s with lots of sunshine. With Nancy off from work at Home Depot it was the perfect day to catch up on some much needed yard work and spruce up the outside.

We started out front in the flower beds pulling any weeds and flowers that needed to go. We trimmed all the rose bushes (dozens of them) and added some new mulch making the front of the house look fresh and inviting. With the wheel barrow in full use, we cut and filled it at least a dozen times with the clippings.

Nancy went all the way around the house trimming and cutting all the shrubs. Our vegetable garden had to be pulled (except for Nancy’s herbs). The final touch was edging and mowing the yard. Even if I say so myself, the outside of the house is looking good. Now, if we can only get it sold!01 - House and Yard

After dinner we decided to drive to Huntington Beach and stroll the marsh walk looking for wildlife. I had my binoculars and Nancy had her camera (duh)!!  We saw tons of wildlife and the highlight for me was a huge alligator that looked like he had just finished a big meal.

02a - Alligator Big
Alligator on right is about 7-8 ft. long.  Big guy on the left is VERY long and VERY wide!!

02b - Alligator Big
Here’s a little closer look!

02c - Alligator Big
This view gives you some idea of his girth!!

Nancy snapped away taking photos of all the birds and gators. We'll share a first for us.

03 - Painted Bunting and chick
This is a male Painted Bunting feeding its young!  The first Painted Bunting we have ever seen:o))  I scared them to the tree as I walked by, sorry honey;o(( 
However, Nancy still got a nice shot of them in the tree!!
03b - Painted Bunting and chick

The mosquitoes finally got to us and we left for home right about sunset. We had a wonderful walk at Huntington Beach State Park.

On the subject of the house we continue to have showings, but none are scheduled so far this week. With the outside and inside in show condition this would be the perfect time to sell the house. Our fingers are crossed! Doing the yard made me realize that I really don’t want to go through that again. I would rather be on the road than trimming bushes and cutting grass. Oh well, I can still hope and dream :o))


  1. Looks beautiful! George is with ya, he can't wait until he doesn't have to cut the 2 acres of grass!

  2. That is a big alligator! One of the things that I enjoy about full timing is not having any yard work!

  3. We've had 5 showings in our first 6 days on the road. Maybe y'all need to take a trip. Cheraw??

    We saw a Painted Bunting here at Cedar Point 3 years ago and had no idea how rare that was until we looked it up on Whatbird. At first, we thought it was an escaped pet.


  4. That is some big alligator!

    One of the very nice things about full timing is the lack of yard work :) You will love it!

  5. Seeing the size of that gator makes you want to jump in your Sea Eagle and go for a paddle, doesn't it? :c)

    I wonder if you're as tired of yard work as I am, but the house looks fantastic!

  6. Paul,

    Yes, we are as tired of yard work as you guys are;o((

    We are ready for a beautiful backyard that changes with the seasons and someone else takes care of it :o)))

    Hmmmm....we just might get a up close photo for you...want to come????

  7. The yard looks great!! How can potential buyers resist that curb appeal!?!? Nancy, that is some gator! And I love the painted bunting pic.

  8. House looks GORGEOUS! Where is that buyer so your yard work days can be finished ??

    Amazing bunting picture. SO close and sharp and clear! I can't wait to see your pictures form the road.

  9. Yes!!! I'd love to come, but I don't have a Sea Eagle (yet). Would it be okay if you towed me behind in a tire tube? ;c)

  10. Wow, you are quite the guy...I think that would be like trawling with bait;o)) We would probably get some real action photos!! They thought Shark Week was amazing. How about Alligator Week?!?!?

    Naw...we like you too much, we'll wait for the Sea Eagle:o))

  11. Yard looks beautiful!! Great shots of the alligators, we don;t have those at the North Rim:-)