Bye Bye Irene - Saturday - August 27, 2011

Nancy here: Yesterday at 9:30am we were at the beach greeting Hurricane Irene.  At that time the rains started and the winds began to blow.

Well, exactly 24 hours later, the winds have died down and the rain finally stopped.  We are please to say, it was a mild storm here in Murrells Inlet, SC!!

Prior to the storm, Bill moved all the furniture into the screen room.01 - Pre Hurricane Prep
The biggest threat is the back of our house which butts up against the golf course.  Between us and the golf course is a buffer of mostly Pine Trees.  We do worry about one of them coming down on the house.  However, nothing like that happened, just lots of twigs and water. 
02 - Patio twigs03 - Patio twigs

We live in a development called Pebble Creek.  However, there is no creek…that is until today.  Irene left us with a small creek behind the house along the golf course ;o))04 - Creek behind house

If you look out front, you would have no idea we had ever had a storm.05 - Front of house no damage

Twenty-four hours after she arrived, the sun is beginning to break through the last bands of Hurricane Irene.06 - Last Bands Sun Coming OutShe was a big storm with medium winds and lots of water.  Fortunately the damage was minimal here.

As we watch the last bands head north, we will ask her to be just as gentle on our friends and family in her path!!
07 - Bye Bye IreneBYE  BYE  IRENE!!


  1. Bye, bye, indeed! Hope she just fizzles out. I'm still trying to figure out where and how, all those people are supposed to evacuate in NYC!

    Those pictures, once again, show what a beautiful home you have. There IS someone out there :)

  2. It's good to see that you received nothing more than beneficial rain. Let's hope that as Irene moves north the impact is minimal.
    Beautiful neighborhood!!

  3. Here in Northern VA at 3 PM we're sitting in the Journey in the parking lot of Marti's facility. Just in case an emergency comes up.

    It's raining pretty good and blowing a light wind. Got to love having a generator, the A/C is cool, have the satellite TV on watching an old classic movie.

    Dinner is in the crock pot cooking away. Have to love riding out a storm in an RV.

    Glad you guys were not bothered too much by Irene. :c)

  4. Still windy and rainy here near Raleigh. Guess 24 hours is long enough. We have one big tree near our pond that is leaning now. Just hope it holds on.

  5. Hi Paul and Marti....

    Bill and I want to know if this is Paul's way of initiating Plan B - workcamping;o))

    Just hope you are far enough West...we worry about Paul's ideas sometimes!! Latest on TV shows lots of bad stuff in Richmond heading your way.

    By the way...we now know two things we like about New Jersey... Tomatoes and Paul;o))

    Please stay safe!!!

  6. Lucky you, Irene actually left you with a benefit, you now have waterfront property. Get that on your house ad right away, it will increase the quick sell probability of such a gorgeous house.

    Glad to hear Irene brought you little but rain and the waterfront of course. Sure seems the media is blowing all of this a bit out of proportion. If they hype everything like they did the Virginia Earthquake, people may well cease to take heed when it's really important. Don't they call that the cry wolf syndrome???

  7. Was thinking about you guys this morning when we got up. Glad to hear it wasn't too bad down there in SC. Just getting outer bands up here now..shouldn't be too bad!

  8. Glad all is well in your neck of the woods. Hope Irene is all bark and no bite as she continues on her way.

  9. glad to hear that Irene was gentle on you! We have been watching the news and thinking about our new east coast friends.
    Take care...and hope you get that house sold soon!

  10. Thanks for all the good wishes:o)) We really appreciate your concern.

    Sherry, don't know why I didn't realize we were now a waterfront property;o)) It just might be the trick to get this place sold. Timing is everything...we have a showing tomorrow at 11am. Sure hope they don't have a BIG boat;o)))

  11. We were relieved when we saw that the main thrust of Irene was going to miss you. So happy that it turned out well for you.