Hats and Hurricanes - Friday - August 26, 2011

Nancy here:  Our plan was to Kayak with the tides and test out our new hats today.  However, Hurricane Irene made us change those plans somewhat.  Since we couldn’t kayak, we decided to go down to Huntington Beach and greet Miss Irene as her first rain bands came on shore.  Our hope is that if we greet her with a smile and open arms, she might be kinder to all our friends further north ;o))

We arrived at Huntington Beach about 9:30am and headed across the causeway.

01 - Huntington Causeway - northeast viewView to the northeast – rain bands are coming!!

02 - Huntington Causeway - southeast viewView to the southeast – no birds to be seen!!

It is said that when the birds leave, we should leave…03 - Huntington Causeway - Camper Leavingglad to see this camper had heard the same thing!!

Just as we got parked near the beach path, the rains started.  So on went the NEW HATS…we just knew we would get a chance to test them out ;o))04 - Huntington Causeway - Parking Rain Starts

05 - Huntington Beach - Choppy SurfWe arrived at the beach to see Irene was already stirring up the waves.  The surf is usually like a lake!!

06 - Huntington Beach - Bill and HatHats working!!    Jim Cantore eat your heart out;0))

07 - Huntington Beach - Nancy and HatDry head, spotless glasses … perhaps a chin strap???

The test was a success, we are happy with the hats.  Just need to check them out in the SUNSHINE!!!

We took a drive through the campground on our way out.  So glad to see that most campers had left the area.09 - Huntington Beach - Empty CampgroundNormally the last week before school starts, this place would be packed like sardines... empty today :o)))

10 - Huntington Beach - Causeway out no birdsAs we headed back across the causeway, I thought to myself, “hard to believe this is the same place we rode our bikes on Sunday and saw all the wildlife!!”

11 - Huntington Beach - Causeway out  waves on salt marshIrene’s winds were even making waves on the salt marsh!!

Definitely time to go home, hunker down and just wait out the storm.

However, we had one more important mission to accomplish.  Bill and I are tomato lovers ;o))  Our garden tomatoes have been done for some time.  But we know of a special place to get the best tomatoes ever…JERSEY TOMATOES!!! 
12 - Lee's Farmers MarketSo one last stop at Lee’s Farmers Market.

13 - Lee's Farmers MarketApparently a lot of other folks have the same idea ;o))

Just in case, Irene decides to take all the tomatoes for herself as she passes over New Jersey… we got a few of these one pound beauties to enjoy!!14 - Jersey Tomatoes

It is noon here as I finish typing this blog.  The rain is getting heavier and the wind has picked up some.  Irene is making her presence known.  Our thoughts are with everyone further north… we hope everyone is in a safe place and out of harms way.



  1. Thank you for your efforts in welcoming Irene so she'll take it easier on us up North. Amazing how much smarter animals and birds are than some people and they know how to hunker down. Of course, those people will keep the Coast Guard and local emergency responders in jobs.

    Glad to see your hats were a success, but if it gets too windy, will they get you airborne?

    Those tomatoes make me drool, and they're from my old home state, too. See, NJ isn't all refineries.

  2. It's getting cloudy near Raleigh, NC right now. Glad we don't have many trees at the house. Stay safe.

  3. Glad to see you're on the job doing the "wait" for me :) But you took it one step further! I'd have never driven to the beach to welcome her!
    She's such a large storm that I haven't had any trouble getting info on her even here in WV. She's definitely gotten everyone's attention.

    The hats are great! Rick said that's what we need so I suppose now, we'll have to go hat hunting too :)

    Stay safe.

  4. Yum on the tomatoes!! One of the things I do miss in full timing is my garden and those fresh fresh vegetables. I must be doing something wrong as I don't seem to be able to find the farmer's stands and roadside veggies everyone talked about.

    The hats look wonderful on you both. So stylish. You will look great on the water in them.

    Advice on the hats is that you do need under the chin strings/straps for when the wind kicks up or it will take them and fling them about. If yours didn't come with any, it's fairly easy to add them. Or you could do like the guy we saw in Zion - I think I put his picture on my blog - who had a belt over the top of his hat and buckled under his chin! LOL

    Keep me posted on Irene. I can't get anything but sensationalism on line.

  5. Lets hope the greeting and the hats do the trick and the storm will give us all a break:)