Pancake Breakfast :o)) -- Saturday -- July 23, 2011

Nancy here:  Before I share a wonderful Pancake recipe I just found.  I want to share the last few photos of the kids camping visit.

Bill spent yesterday morning with the kids and grandkids playing in the ocean!! He had a ball and was really worn out when he got back after lunch.  Later that evening, we went back for one last visit. 

When we got there, I asked the children to get together for a group picture.  Well, they were not real excited about that idea.  After three attempts, I called it quits and will share the best of the three photos ;o))02  - kids

Bill, Steve and the 2 boys went to play miniature golf while Julie, the girls and I went for a golf cart ride.  So nice to spend just a little more time together before they have to head back to Raleigh in the morning.

While we were there, Steve wanted Bill’s help with packing up a few of the harder things like the awning and the canopy.  My job was to entertain the children so they wouldn’t get in the way :o))  Now, what better way to keep the children busy and happy then to give them CHOCOLATE!!!03 - kids and chocolateEven my oldest child, Julie, has a smile on her face!!

Of course, Grandpop had promised them ice cream once he got done with his chores if they behaved ;o)))04 - Kids and Ice CreamNow there is a happy gang.  We just love the time we get to spend together.  We hope to have a lot more time in the near future to make a lot more memories!!01 Sand Heart

Now let’s talk pancakes!!

I am the pancake lover in this family.  However, I never make them as I have never found a recipe that meets my requirements.  I usually just get pancakes when we go out for breakfast and consider it a special treat!!

I really prefer to eat low-fat vegan.  Now that means the pancakes would have to be whole grain with no added oil, eggs, or dairy.  Try to find a pancake recipe that doesn’t taste like cardboard with those requirements!!!

Well, I have found it :o)))

Buckwheat Corncakes01 - Blueberry Buckwheat CorncakesHere they are with blueberries

01 - Bill and CorncakesEven Bill liked the ones I made for him without blueberries!!!  His comment, “This recipe is a keeper!”

After I ate one plain and one blueberry while I was ‘testing’ the recipe, my final plate included three Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes with Fresh Sweet Queen Anne Cherries.
03 - Corncakes with CherriesUnbelievably Delicious!!!

Here is the recipe which I put into Mastercook format and then took a photo of it.  So if you cannot read it, just click the photo to enlarge it.
04 - RecipeFor those who do not use Soy Milk, I am sure the regular milk would work just fine.

05 - Directions

Nutritional Analysis (per pancake)05 - Nutritional analysis


  1. Glad everyone was still wearing great big smiles at the end of the week. The camping vacation must have been a huge success!

    Those pancakes look delicious!

  2. Those pancakes look delicious! Nothing like fresh fruit on them too.

  3. What a GREAT photo of the grand kids. When they are in their 30's they will love it!!

    Yummy pancakes. I'll give the recipe to my chef...LOL!!!

  4. I LOVE pancakes as well, Nancy! And these look delicious...I'll have to try the recipe.
    I don't seem to have your email address and am wondering, if you don't mind, would you send it to to stay in touch...
    Dianne and Steve