The Birds Are Back!! - Saturday - August 27, 2011

Nancy here: Yes, it is me again.  One of these days, when Mr. Retirement finds time, he will be writing the blog again! You know it is very difficult being retired and sometimes he just needs to take a little break ;o))

As we have already reported, Miss Irene cleared out of here earlier today.  After dinner, Bill suggested we go down to Huntington Beach SP and see how things looked there.  When we got there, we checked the beach, but it was high tide and there was no beach to walk on.  So we drove over to the salt marsh causeway and walked out on the middle board walk.

It only took a moment to realize that the BIRDS ARE BACK!! What was really interesting is that the first birds we saw were Wood Storks.  These birds are not usually here until the colder weather sets in.  However, they were everywhere.  Perhaps escaping Irene further north!!02b - Woodstorks - Everywhere

02c - Woodstorks - ClosebyWe watch this fellow walk around and kick up the bottom to see what he could find to eat,02d - Woodstorks - Feeding
Eventually, he took off and join the others further up in the marsh.02e - Woodstorks - Flying

As we headed off the boardwalk, we spotted this deer in the marsh grass.03 - Deer in marsh grass

Here is another bird, a Willet, which we don’t usually see.04 - Willet

Next, we walked across the causeway.05 - Causeway - View of Marsh GrassThe marsh grass looks fine.  Hard to believe a hurricane was here less than 24 hours ago.

05b - Causeway - Snowy Egret on GrassThe Snowy Egret above and the Great Egret below were fun to watch as they battled over the prime fishing spot:o))05c - Causeway - Great Egret on Grass

05d - Causeway - American BitternAbove is an American Bittern which we rarely see around the park….cool!!

Further out the causeway, we spent quite a bit of time watching this Wood Stork cross the causeway. This is when I wish I had a video camera…
06 - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkUp on the sea grass…
06b - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkUp on the rocks…
06c - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkCheck out the side walk…
06d - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkJust duck under the rail…
06e - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkStop traffic for a couple minutes…
06f - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkDo the ducking thing again…
06g - Crossing Causeway - Wood storkInto the water and hopefully, better fishing!!06h - Crossing Causeway - Wood stork

07 - Snowy Egret crossed the causewayLove this photo of the Snowy Egret with the wind blowing his hairdo around.

By now, the sun was setting 09 - Sunset -which means the bugs were getting bad, which means Bill has headed to the car, which means it is time for me to stop taking pictures. 

Of course there is always time for ONE more ;o))09b - Sunset - Woodstork


  1. FABULOUS pictures Nancy. Love the wood stork crosses the road!

    Such a beautiful place you have in your own back yard. You'll see a lot of new places once you get on the road but I'm not sure you'll see any more lovely than Huntington Beach.

  2. I love watching birds, and how cool to see ones you don't usually see!

  3. Glad you had time for one more. That one is my favorite :)

  4. I going to have to call you Nancy Audubon from now on. Not only great bird pictures but a super educational time for me.

    I have trouble telling Woody Woodpecker from Daffy Duck.