A Nice Paddle on the Waccamaw River - Friday - August 12, 2011

Nancy had the day off from work so we decided to launch the Sea Eagle this morning.  The weather forecast called for Thunderstorms later today so an early start was the plan.

We were on the river by 8am. The weather was perfect, about 80 degrees and no wind!!
02 - Ready to launch KayakEnterprise Boat Landing – ready to launch.

We paddled about 8 miles. The first 4 miles out were with the current :o)) Of course, that means the last 4 miles back were against the current :o((  Even though the current was not strong, you could still notice the difference.  This is a tidal river and if we could time it right, we could catch the tide change at the half way point and paddle both ways with the current.  We will have to give that a try!!

The eight mile paddle was our longest to date and Nancy’s shoulder held up without any issues.  She uses a standard canoe paddle in lieu of the double bladed kayak paddle. Prior to today, Nancy could only paddle on the right side because of her shoulder problems.  Today, she switched a few times to the left side and managed quite nicely.  WOW, I’m impressed!!

This paddle down the river is an Osprey lovers dream.  From the very beginning, we heard and saw Osprey after Osprey!!03 - Osprey in NestThis Osprey was on a nest, but took off as we approached.03b - Osprey in Nest flying away

The chicks are no longer in the nests.  However, the nest will be used again next year.10 - Empty Nest
These nest are REALLY BIG!!03c - Empty Nest

04 - Osprey Building NestThis Osprey is getting head start on a new nest!! 
 04b - Osprey Building Nest

As you paddle along, you can hear the Osprey’s warning calls.  We can usually spot them from a distance, but once we get too close, they take to the air!!07 - Oprey Taking Flight09 - Osprey OverheadThis one flew right over our heads :o)))
09b - Osprey will not fly awayHowever, this Osprey never flinched, it just stared at us!!

08 - Paddling up the riverWhile the Osprey were everywhere, we did see a few other interesting things.08b - Turtles on the logBig and Little Turtle
05 - Pileated WoodpeckerPileated Woodpecker

Here we are at Channel Marker #3.06 - Channel Marker 3
11 - Captain BillCaptain Bill decided to continue on to Channel Market #4. Along the way, we saw this tree which was broken and stuck on itself.  Not sure what is holding the broken piece up???13e - Views along the channel broken tree

Next came a tree with a strange fungus growing on it!!01b - Tree with weird fungus
12 - Channel Marker 4We finally reach Channel Marker #4. At this point, we turned around and headed back toward the landing. 12b - Channel Marker 4 turnaround
It took us about 2 hours to reach this point.

The paddle back was really nice most of the way.  Not as many Osprey around now, but we did see this Kingfisher.
14 - Belted KingfisherBelted Kingfisher

The views along the river were beautiful.13 - Views along the channel13b - Views along the channel13c - Views along the channel13d - Views along the channel

The sun decided to come out and the temperature was rising. Both of us were sweating so we pulled the kayak into a little tree covered cove to take a break.16 - resting spotNancy hooked her paddle to hold us steady. She had brought bananas, power bars and cold drinks.  It tasted great and we needed the energy;o)))   Note to self: bring a sweat towel next time!!
01 - Yellow FlowerLittle Yellow Flower by Nancy’s Foot

After a nice rest and snack we continued down the river.  However, now we were no longer alone.  It was getting close to 11am and the power boats were destroying our peaceful paddle:o))  I know we have to share, but I don’t have to like it ;o((
15 - power boats15b - power boats15c - power boats15d - power boatsWe did have fun rolling over their wakes!!

18 - Approaching Intercoastal and the landingWe finally reach the intercoastal waterway and paddled towards the landing.19 - Kids enjoying the warm water These young men were enjoying the warm weather and water!!

We got home got home about 12:30pm—just in time to clean up the Sea Eagle before the thunder and lightening started.  GOOD TIMING!!  We had a great time on the river today!! It felt good to be back doing the things we love to do!! Now just two more weeks and Nancy will be allowed to get back on her bike….can’t wait!!


  1. What a great way to spend a beautiful day! So glad to hear Nancy's shoulder is doing so well. It'll be back to normal in no time at all :)

  2. The early birds do get calm waters and beautiful pictures.

  3. We're happy to hear that Nancy did so well on your paddle -- that's great! Too bad the power boats had to intrude on your peace and quiet.

  4. Wow! I'm surprised that you were able to paddle that much Nancy. It shouldn't surprise me though because you are so active. You'll be biking soon.

  5. That was a long trip - Nancy did awesome on the paddling!! You guys will be out and biking before you know it! :) I love the pictures of the osprey - great shots!

  6. Paddling where you live is so neat. Lots of cool birds to see. Up here....not so much :)

  7. Nancy here...
    Thanks for all the kind comments about my paddling:o))However, I want to be clear... I could not have made that trip if I didn't have the real paddler sitting behind me making us go forward!!! I just got some good exercise along the way.

    If I had to paddle my own kayak, I would just be going in a counter clockwise circle;o))

  8. That was an awesome paddle, great pictures of all the wildlife, especially that Osprey taking flight.

    Nancy, glad to see your shoulder is coming along so well, there's lots more paddling in your future.

    And that picture of Capt. Bill, with some facial hair, he could look like Blackbeard the Pirate. Hopefully, he's a little nicer... ;c)

  9. Glad to hear that Nancy is doing so well. How do you get such good shots of the birds and turtles? They fly away or dive the instant I get the camera out. Loved the picture of the kid balancing on the pole. Do you think I should try something like that?

  10. Roger, I do not think you should try balancing on the pole. Stick to your rocks. Unless of course, you want to do some rehab ;o)))

    I never have to get the camera out...it is always hanging around my neck with the zoom lens already attached :o)) Of course, that also means I can't paddle as much as Bill since I have to take the photos ;o)))

  11. Fabulous photos Nancy!! I covet your camera!
    Hope I don't get smote down. Is that the past tense of smite?? Or is it smitten? Oh well....you know what I mean.

    Looks like a great morning and timed perfectly as usual. :-))