Wildflowers: Table Rock, SC and Abrams Falls, TN- Monday - April 18, 2011

Nancy here:  Our blog is really a record of what we've done and seen. We hope to be doing things for a long, long time! However, when the time comes that we can no longer travel, we want to be able to travel from our rocking chairs.  While I realize that our blog may have more photos than many people prefer, it is our photo journal as well and I will be blogging many photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!! Just be glad there isn't a way to blog the wonderful scents as well ;o))

During our hikes at Table Rock State Park, SC and Abrams Falls in The Smokey Mountains, we came upon the following wildflowers.  Most wildflowers are new to us. We never took the time to stop and smell the flowers before.  But now, we enjoy finding and photographing them.  Thanks to Sherry and David for teaching us the name of many that we found.





Cat's Paw

Bleeding Heart

White Trillium

Pink Trillium


Still trying to identify the following:

Sweet Betsy - Thanks Syl for the ID!

With or without a name, they're all beautiful.

Nature is truly amazing!!


  1. LOVE the pictures! Amazing is right. I have never seen a pink trillium...how beautiful.

  2. You post as many pictures as you want! There are STILL no flowers up here in the Northeast :) Only the ones in pots!

  3. The last one is Sweet Betsy. It's an old fashioned bush and smells wonderfully sweet, a bit like fresh apple. My Granny Bessy had a few bushes of it in her flower bed and we ended up with a bush from Gin's mom. Thanks for sharing the wild flowers. I'm still smiling.

  4. Yes, nature is amazing...great pictures! Just got caught up on the rally happenings--looks like everyone had a great time. We really look forward to the day we are able to join you at a rally and meet more wonderful RV Dreamers!
    Dianne and Steve

  5. Glad you got off the bikes, put aside the running shoes and smelled the roses (and took great pictures of them!).

    A great reminder to us to not let our fast paced life get in the way of enjoying life. Nature is truly amazing when you take the time to look.