Free Day at the RV-Dreams Rally - Friday - April 15, 2011

We both woke up bright and early on our “free day” at the RV-Dreams rally. Nancy and I went our separate ways this morning after breakfast. I had signed up to play golf and Nancy was going to a haircutting demonstration with a device called a Flowbee.

Howard Payne had organized a golf outing at River Islands Golf Club and nine of the “Dream Team” had signed up (Howard and Linda are great organizers). I rode to the golf course on the back of JC Webber’s motorcycle sporting a leather jacket and helmet thanks to his wife Bev.
There’s a first time for everything and this was a first for me – a motorcycle ride with a surround sound system with golf clubs strapped on the back. How cool is that?

I only snapped a few pictures of the golf outing. I am so used to Nancy taking all the photographs that I nearly forgot the camera. Nancy handed it to me as I was leaving for the course.
Practice Makes Perfect!!

Howard leading the way!!

It was cloudy and windy, but, the rain held off as we teed off. At the course we drew for partners and played as threesomes. I was teemed with JC and Gary. We didn’t win anything, but, we shared tales and laughs. I can honestly say we all had some good shots (and lots of bad shots). I played better than I expected shooting a 79. The golf was secondary to the camaraderie and fellowship we enjoyed. Winning was not important – friendship was!
Great Group enjoying a Great Day!!

During the morning, a group gathered at Gin and Syl's site to watch Gin give Sherry a haircut with a vacuum like device called a Flowbee. Several RV-Dreamers already use this device to cut their hair and save a good deal of money!!

Getting ready for the demo

Even Smudge had a ring side seat in the new carrier!

Somehow the Flowbee sucks up the hair and cuts it off at a predetermined length without all the cut hair going everywhere.

Sherry Before

Sherry After

Sherry’s hair looked great after the cut. Gin really knows how to use the Flowbee. Nancy also told me Gin was a great Instructor as well. I asked Nancy if the Flowbee was something we could use and she promptly responded back to me something like, “you are not going near my neck with any sharp object.” Go figure!

Nancy here:  After the demo, while Bill was golfing, I just chilled and walked around the campground and took a few photos.  It was a beautiful day and here is a little of what I saw.
Martha and the Puppy

How much is that Birdie in the window?

Dan and Tricia's Cool Truck Conversion!!

Karen and Al, our neighbors and new full-timers!!




After golf, I had originally signed up to play poker tonight. However, a live 50’s – 60’s show changed my mind. The live performance put on by about 10 professional singers and dancers was only $5 per person for the RV-Dreamers and we couldn’t pass that up. About 80 other “Dreamers” caravanned into Pigeon Forge for the show. Fantastic is the one word I would use to describe the event. The music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and a military tribute had the audience clapping and hollering. What a wonderful finish to a great day!!!


  1. Bill, you're a regular "Hell's Angel" with that picture of you on the motorcycle. Next you'll be wanting to put a motorcycle in the back of your Tahoe. ;c)

  2. Again, terrific pictures, especially the birds. We sure miss everyone already..can't wait to get down the road to see our friends again!

  3. Hey, Laurie...we really do know who you are even if we spell your name many, many different ways...Laura, Lorie, Lauren...we'll get it right one of these days!!!

  4. Hey, Paul...please stop putting crazy ideas into Bill's head...I am having trouble keeping track of his toys now!!

  5. Nancy that was a great picture of Syl and Smudge.
    You sure are becoming quite the photog. Can't wait to see what you come up with when you hit the road fultime...