Community Garage Sale – Saturday – April 30, 2011

Every year, the community we live in organizes a garage sale for any homeowner that wants to participate. They advertise in the local paper and give you balloons to tie to your mailbox. The rest is up to you. Last year, we had a lot of “good” stuff to sell. We used the profits to buy our Sea Eagle Kayak and a Nikon Camera.

Bill setting up tables.

This year we didn’t have a whole lot to sell. We did have some glassware, records, and cooking utensils from Nancy’s mom as a result of her move to her new apartment. Most everything was priced under $2.00, so we weren’t expecting much.

Bill and Bill...boys will be boys!!

Nancy had to work at Home Depot, so I recruited our friends Chris and Bill Jordan to help me with the sale. The official start was at 8am, but there was a parade of early birds cruising the neighborhood before 7am looking for people setting up. Their intent is to get the first shot at the stuff.

Set up and ready to sell!

Bill and Chris -- the official sales team!

For about 3 hours we had a steady stream of shoppers...a buck here and a buck there. When the sale was over I loaded up the car and took all the remaining unsold items to the local Salvation Army. They were thrilled with the donation and I was thrilled to get rid of the stuff. Nancy and I had agreed that the items not sold were NOT coming back in the house…THEY DIDN’T!!

We ended up netting $150 profit and will split it with Nancy’s Mom. Not bad for getting rid of junk we didn’t need. I’m just REALLY glad it is over!! Now if we could just get this house sold… I did show it a couple times today… Just need an offer!!


  1. It does feel good to get rid of stuff! We are collecting stuff for a yard sale soon!

  2. A buck here and a buck there for unwanted stuff can really add up -- and you have the added bonus of getting rid of it! Now we hope your house will sell next!!

  3. Love that your subdivision does that every year. It's a win-win for you and the shoppers. Keeping our fingers crossed that the next thing sold will be your house ;)

  4. We did several of these before the house sold. Glad for you that it is over :-).

  5. What an awesome profit! Now you can buy a couple of gallons of gas...

    It's nice to get rid of "stuff". Hope the house goes just as quickly.

  6. Really hoping one of the folks you are showing to will love your house and you guys can get on the road. Maybe that Alaska trip in the B is still possible this summer???

  7. It's Yard Sale Season!! It really does feel good to get rid of stuff and it's one step closer. I have a feeling that you'll get an offer on the house before July.
    Syl & e-shy ;)