Rally, Rally, Rally! - Wednesday and Thursday - April 13 and 14, 2011

Nancy here:  We are asked all the time how we like traveling and living in the VAN.  We both would tell you, we love it!!  However, on those cold or rainy mornings when you need to go to the bath house to shower, it isn't quite as nice. But you do what you have to do!! Wednesday morning was a little chilly as you can tell from this photo. ;o)

Just one of those mornings...Gotta luv those pants!!!

We have spent the last two days in various RV seminars and meeting all the RV-Dreamers.

Nancy and I always get a huge uplifting positive feeling whenever we are surrounded by the RV-Dreams family and friends. Sharing stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly with friends of like mindedness is what it’s all about. We were elated when Lorie and George got a contract on a house they were selling.
Congrats Laura and George!!!
We know that’s another burden removed and takes them one step closer to reaching their full-timing dream.

On Wednesday night the group had a chili cook-off with over 25 different recipes concocted. I was the scorekeeper as I could never be a judge (nor would I want to), but, all 175 plus attendees seemed to really enjoy all the chili and fixings.

The RV’ers favorite gadgets followed the dinner. There were a bunch of innovative and useful items introduced. As expected, lots of laughs came with the demonstrations. With so many good gadgets presented I couldn’t pick just one favorite although I really enjoyed Linda Kendall’s demonstration as the “instructions” for her TV cable connectors were read aloud.
Go Linda, Go Linda!!

Who wouldn't need a vase that can double as a hat!!
Too cute, Bev!!!

And of course, Paul Dahl was as humorous as ever with several new gadgets and a 'repeat' favorite...
The Relationship Saver Rotating Toilet Paper Holder
The Black Tank Odor Controller/Masker 
which he presented to Howard!!

What a fun night!

On Thursday, the “hi-tech” sessions of Internet connections and satellite TV stuff were, for the most part, way over my head. Nancy and I have decided we’re going to call Gin Griffin or David Boyd when we have to get technical issues resolved. They're our “Easy Button.”

Thursday night was our pot-luck meal followed by the RV version of Family Feud.
My Team

Nancy's Team

Nancy’s team the “Gorgeous George’s” lost in the first round to my team “Four Play.” We eventually lost as well, but, not without tons of laughs and a good college effort.
Family Feud Champions

Howard Payne was the emcee and did a great job! The real entertainment was the audience participation and reaction to the hilarious antics of the game players. Its nights like this when folks are relaxing that you realize how funny people can be. We love the RV-Dreams family!!!

After another couple of wonderful days and I said to Nancy, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” Who could argue with that?


  1. Wow! That was a great recap of a great week! :) I LOVED the picture of Harry - can't wait to show it to him!!

  2. Great pictures you guys! I think we can continue reliving the good time for weeks if we just go back and look at the photos :)

    It was truly a wonderful time and we are so glad to have gotten to know you better. I just know you'll be on the road joining us soon :)

  3. Yes we will have to look back at these posts later and smile. Bill is cute with bedhead!