Hugs and Away We Go! - Sunday - April 17, 2011

Nancy and I knew today was going to be very emotional. At the closing breakfast Howard and Linda gave a heartfelt thanks to all of us.
It is certainly mutual! Then they closed with the song, "My Wish"... We got filled up with tears.

Deborah and Phil were sitting in front of us and Nancy snapped this photo of Linda and Howard singing the song.
Poor Deborah was just sobbing and Nancy tried to console her.  But really, all the tears are happy tears!! It was all I could do to swallow and say a few words. My heart took over! Instead of the customary “hugs and handshakes” it was all hugs for us. To those who attended their first RV-Dreams rally let me assure you that the second time is even better, if that is possible!!

We left about 10 AM and drove to our son and daughter-in-laws house in Columbia, SC.  It was a pretty day and a nice ride, even if it was all Interstate.  Can't wait until we no longer have time constraints and can drive the back roads and just take our time!!
I40 to I26 in Ashville, NC

I40 to I26 in Ashville, NC
I26 crossing the river

I26 to I20 in Columbia SC

We arrived at about 3pm and took some time to see some additions they had made to the house.
Brian and Chris' House

New Screened Porch

New Fountain

New Flowers

Nancy's Favorite Spot in their backyard!

Our son, Brian and his wife, Chris had prepared a nice dinner for us and we ended up playing cards and laughing until the late hour of 9 PM. Our bodies finally exhausted from a wild and wonderful week said enough is enough. They were great sports, allowing us to share some stories about the rally.

Tomorrow, a bit of reality! Travel to Murrells Inlet, unload the Van, do the wash, catch up with the mail, etc. Try to catch up on photos and blogs! Nancy starts back to work on Tuesday ;o((

Our next step is to sell this house. Right now we don’t have all the details worked out to start our full-timing life. However, as Howard Payne said, “We’re RV’ers, we’ll figure it out.” We agree!


  1. Isn't it hard to get back to reality? Even though it's been 'back to reality' all the back of my mind, it's been all about full-timing. We miss our RV friends, and can't wait to get on the road.

  2. Laurie, I am with you...just can't wait!!

  3. Gee, that stretch of I-40 to I-26 looks familiar :) We traveled the same path 2 days later to get to Gaffney. I agree, it was a beautiful drive even if it was all freeway.

  4. I am so glad your picture was of by back instead of my face! I was very touched by Howard and Linda, as well as by folks like you and Nancy. I was concerned about leaving my friends in Chattanooga, and wondered if I would make friends on the road. I called this my "teapot moment". I think my emotions were coming from a place that I realized that not only would I make friends on the road, but I would make life-long, really good friends on the road. I look forward to seeing you and Nancy again!

  5. Well said Deborah...this is a special group of people!! We can't wait to get on the road and meet up with you, Phil and all the RV-Dreamers we have met. See you down the road :o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.... Nancy