Day 1, RV-Dreams Rally -- Tuesday -- April 12, 2011

Today, we woke up to a cold, rainy morning. No matter, it is the start of the RV-Dreams Rally in Sevierville, TN. Nancy and I got the task of greeting all the participants of the rally at the registration tables. Quite frankly, this was quite an honor and a pleasure for us to be involved as volunteers.
Our task was fairly simple and straight forward. Meet, greet and ask about “open house” showings for Saturday. One of the great side benefits of our job was meeting every RVer.

There were a lot of volunteers. 
Dave and Michelle confirmed T-Shirt orders. 

Tricia and Laura stuffed and handed out goody bags.

Gin and Syl handed out T-Shirts

Maxine and Dave collected money!!

Cindy sold Linda's handmade beaded jewelery.

Sorry, Phil and Deboraaaaah, I forgot to take your picture,
but you did a fantastic job selling the RV-Dreams Hats!!

Just as registration started, Howard's mom and dad arrived from Kentucky.  I believe they have attended every rally.  It was good to see them again.

 After people register, they hung around meeting old friends and making new ones.

During registration the ladies learned to "Braid" t-shirts. 

After a catered "Picnic," we broke into 12 teams to get things going. The “icebreaker” for the rally was a huge success. A silly flip the hanging tea bags onto the bill of a baseball cap got folks laughing and having a great time together.
Bryce and Nicolas


Each team sent their best teabag tosser to the Championship Round!!

George, Team 5, was crowned the Champion!!

Can’t wait until tomorrow!!


  1. Not a problem - from the looks of most of the pictures of me that I have seen, you probably did me a favor! The rally was great and Phil and I loved getting to know you and Nancy. I hope our paths cross again very soon!

  2. We're attending the rally vicariously through you guys...thanks for sharing! Looking forward to "tomorrow"!