Meet and Greet - Sunday - April 10, 2011

Nancy here: I will get to the blog in a moment, but first I need to attend to some very important business. Today is our youngest grand-daughter’s birthday. She is our “Pink Princess” and about as sweet as they come!!


We love you so much!!

Sunday is our normal “Long” bike ride day. We got up early as usual, looked at each other and promptly decided…NOT TODAY!! Our legs are still recovering from the hikes of the last couple days. Plus, I promised Nancy I would catch up writing the blog. Nancy here: He got them written, but I just haven’t had time to get them and the pictures online. So they are just going to get here when they get here!!

We spent most of the day catching up with a lot of RV-Dreams Family Members. My memory of names is pretty pathetic, but I have a cheat sheet with a list of attendees so that will help. I know I’ll be missing some folks and for that I’m sorry. We shared some laughs with Paul and Marti Dahl, Steve Conrad, Jill and Paul Goldsmith, Gin and Syl, Sherry and David Boyd, Linda Kendall, Laurie and George, Lee and Martha, Mike and Terry and of course, our hosts, Howard and Linda Payne.

We also got to meet many of the people that are attending the rally for the first time. You can almost bet we’ll be on a first name basis with a couple of days. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle. People are so friendly, helpful and willing to share their experiences and expertise with perfect strangers. After short order those “perfect strangers” suddenly transform into RV Friends. Where else could you go and in a matter of minutes be laughing and having a grand time like you’ve known them all your life?

We ended up at Happy Hour behind Howard and Linda’s RV…”THE BIG CIRCLE.” It just keeps getting bigger every year… that’s a great thing!! I am always amazed that both Howard and Linda can name everyone…every year!! I’m lucky if I can name a couple dozen. Oh well, perhaps that’s why they call me “Papaw.”

 Arriving at the Happy Hour Circle  --  Hi Linda!

Hi  Ya'll

Howard and Linda

 Part 1 of the Circle

Part 2 of the Circle

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