FLORIDA TRIP – Travel Day to Stephen Foster State Park -- Friday, January 7, 2011

Nancy and I got up bright and early today knowing we had a 400 mile travel day ahead of us. Normally, we limit our travel to fewer miles, but we were anxious to get going and find some warmer weather. This being the first day of “vacation”…it is easier to go a little further because we are pumped up.

A little over 2 hours into our trip, we made a quick pit stop for a bathroom break and a cup of coffee after we passed through Charleston, SC. Nancy drove the Pleasureway and I drove the Tahoe. Normally we just take the Pleasureway, but this trip we are planning to do a lot of cycling and kayaking. All the needed equipment won’t fit in the Pleasureway, hence the 2 vehicles.

When we stopped for breakfast at the Georgia/SC rest-stop, Nancy got out of the van with a runny nose, a bloodshot eye and generally feeling pretty rotten. She’s been fighting a cold since Christmas and it seems to have decided to hang around a little longer. I sure hope she feels better tomorrow.
Welcome to Georgia

Bill enjoying his breakfast.

Birds outside our window looking for some breakfast.

We made a couple more stops.  One for gas and then a lunch break at Osceola Forrest Rest Area on I-10.

Bill is eating AGAIN!!

We arrived at Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park (the official name) in White Springs, Florida about 2 pm. We are now, “Way Down Upon The Suwannee River.” The Campground is great --- large level sites with picnic tables, fire rings, water and electric in a natural setting.

Campground Map

Map of Hiking Trails

Our Site #29

View out our back window!

After we set up the Van, Nancy slid under the covers to get some much needed rest. She’s hoping to nip this new bout of whatever it is that she has contracted. While she slept, I went for a quick bike ride around the park. After that, I grabbed my handheld GPS and found the two geocaches hidden in the park.
1st Geocache - Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair

2nd Geocache - Nelly Bly

While walking back from geocaching, I met a couple, Chuck and Joyce, who were backing a Winnebago Journey Motorhome into a site just down the road from us. Since we are interested in a similar unit, I struck up a conversation with them. They have a “new to them” 2005 34Y model. This is their maiden voyage and they are learning about their unit as they go. As usual, RVers are always pleasant and helpful and were more than willing to give us a tour.

Back at the Van, we had a simple soup and sandwich dinner. It’s 6:45pm and we’re in for the night. Pretty soon it will be lights out!! Hopefully, with a good night’s sleep and a dose of Nyquil, Nancy will be feeling better so we can get out and explore the state park together. I’ll let you know!!


  1. Our very best to Nancy...sure hope she's back up and feeling better quickly! There is nothing worse than being sick on your long awaited vacation.

  2. Glad you are having a good time, despite feeling under the weather!

  3. So many people have been fighting colds lately. Hope you fell better soon Nancy!

  4. Have fun on your road trip! That is a park Roger and I have planned to visit. The sites look great!

  5. Hope Nancy feels better soon. We have heard good things about Stephen Foster State Park. Hopefully, we will get to check it out sometime. Your posts will give us a great preview. Inside message.... I knew that Bill would approve of my colored taping method :-)