FLORIDA TRIP – Hillsborough SP Hiking In The Rain – Monday, January 10, 2011

Today we woke to fairly warm temperatures…in the high 50’s. Nancy and I went for a brisk 4 miles walk before showering. We put on our shorts for the first time in a while and decided to do some hiking this morning and afternoon.

Nancy packed us sandwiches and chips for lunch. I carried the backpack with our lunches, water and Geocache stuff. Nancy toted her camera and we both took our walking (trekking) poles.

Our first hiking trail was an easy one mile trail along the river and through some thick vegetation. I found a geocache along the way that was filled with trinkets. I always love finding the geocaches.

After our first trail, I made a command decision to do another trail along the river that would end up at a set of rapids and hopefully another geocache. I totally ignored the continuous rolls of thunder in the background. Nancy and I had convinced each other that we were on the edge of a rainstorm that would pass by to the North. Well, it didn’t!!!

The timing of the rain was actually as good as we could have hoped for. We had hiked to the rapids and I found the 2nd geocache just as the rain started. Fortunately there was a little covered shelter and we took refuge from the rain and ate our packed lunch. The rain subsided a bit, so we decided to head back to the van as quickly as possible. Well, we no sooner started back when the skies opened up again and WE GOT WET!! We couldn’t help but laugh about it all the way back.

When we reached the van, I put the outside awning down and we collected all our wet clothes, including our visors, and found the dryer in the campground laundry. So in short order, we were all cleaned up :o)

Nancy had taken another 50 or so pictures today. When she went to review them on our laptop, she realized that she never downloaded them into the folder on the pc. She realized this after she had erased them from her camera. So voila—no photos today! Nuts! According to Nancy, this was the best batch of pictures she has ever taken ;o)

We had another nice dinner and it will be an early evening for us. We’re dry and the weather has changed for the better. Hope the weather is improving for all our friends in the Southeast!!
Tomorrow—Sunny and in the 70s
We’re going cycling!!


  1. I did the same thing with my camera - once. You only do that once. And it's always the best photos. In fact, mine included the only time I've looked for a geocache - it was slipped under a local bridge and I took a photo of it. Pretty cool, but the photo is gone forever.
    I hope to do more geocaching in the future.

  2. Nancy will probably never do that again :) I think it's one of those things we all do and then it's over and done. Digital cameras are far better than the old film though. With those, I'd buy the film, take the photos and very seldom have them developed! What a waste! I guess I was looking for instant gratification and it finally came :)
    Enjoy Florida. We are snowbound in your state-it was a good time for you to go south!

  3. Sounds like a fun day rain or no. But I am sorry we don't get to see your best pictures ever Nancy. Be sure to take the even better ones today. :-) Really need some geocaching instructions at the rally Bill.

  4. I got caught in a torrential rain and wind storm while riding a bike last year. I was four miles from the motor home. The wind was blowing so hard that I had to walk the bike. I looked like a drowned rat. Pretty funny (after it was over).

  5. I feel for Nancy on losing pictures. That happened to me at the rally in Myrtle Beach..the only ones I have are ones I took on my Iphone..the rest got deleted :(